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Boston Dynamics presents behind the scenes filming of the acrobatics of its robots in a video

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Who will stop these Atlas robots by Boston Dynamics in the middle of a race? Indeed not the various obstacles installed in the laboratory of the firm. After the dance, it is in parkour that the robots try themselves successfully.

An innovation immortalized by the company, which posted the video of its two robots performing this obstacle course on its YouTube channel last August 17.

Climbing, jumping, climbing, and descending stairs or backflips, nothing stands up to Atlas robots from Boston Dynamics. The latter was executed brilliantly under the gaze of the engineers who developed them. While these images impress, the designers hasten, between each shoot, to adjust their robots so that almost everything is perfect.

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Of course, Atlas robots are still perfectible despite the progress made: “There are a lot of pretty exciting behaviors here, but some of them are not yet completely reliable,” says Ben Stephens, Atlas’s head of controls. “Every behavior here has a slight chance of failure. It’s almost 90 seconds of continuous jumps, jogging, turns jumps, and flips, so those probabilities add up.

If they sometimes fall or make a mistake, the performance of Atlas robots will undoubtedly make the happiness of Internet users.

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