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The iPhone 13 to utilize a satellite connection to make calls and Send Messages

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According to information from Ming-Chi Kuo, he claimes that the awaited flagship from Apple would use Satelite for calls and messaging to possible. This means that Mobile operators in different countries will have to switch to Apple’s system as the iPhone 13 will not utilize Cellular connectivity to send messages or make calls.

Is there any connection between the iPhone 13 and Space X?

 When the subject of Satellites, or anything that concerns outer space, is brought up, it is pretty normal to think of Elon Musk and his company Space X. If what Ming-Chi Kuo claims to be accurate, Elons StarLink company would be ideal for the job. However, Ming-Chi Kuo claims that it is Globalstar that has found Favour in the eyes of Apple. Elon would have worked with Qualcomm on its awaited baseband Processors.

For this Kind of technology from Apple to be Possible, Mobile operators will have to go for partnerships with Globalstar to use services from Globalstar to their customers using the iPhone 13 mobile Phone. It sounds lame, but Apple does what it does best in most of its smartphones. The proof is how many people love Apple products. Why should iPhone 13 fail at this?

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If all this comes to pass,Communication networks within a Mobile Phone would have to increase so massively for smartphone holders to make calls from any corner of this world. However, for now, it is not known clearly which iPhone 13 models will be affected.

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