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Perfect Attire-why and what to wear

by Intizar Ali
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Now we live in an era in which people make their judgments according to the outfits of the other person. So now you know that your outfit somewhere defines you and what you desire. If you are going out to meet someone, consider looking good equals taking a bath and brushing. But many times, it has seemed at many places that people sometimes dress differently from others or sometimes tend to overdress. So one of the most important things to know is what to wear on which occasion. Some of the tips related to purposeful outfits are mention down below.

When to wear what?

1. Hanging out in public

If you want an outfit to wear while going out regularly, then you can go for the most basic clothes that you have such as a t-shirt with jeans or trousers, you can also wear shorts with sneakers while going out. It all depends upon where you are going, if you are going out to eat something, you can wear a regular t-shirt with comfortable trousers, and if you are going just for a walk, you can consider wearing shorts with standard t-shirts. 

2. Parties

If you are going to any party, then avoid wearing very ordinary and casual clothes. You can try some jackets and nice sneakers. You should avoid wearing very decent clothes so that you do not feel different from others. You should also not wear very formal clothes to a party you can make it semi-formal instead such as t-shirts or shirts with chinos and paired with Chelsea boots. If you are thinking of buying shirts, then you can check for gildan shirts collections.

3. Weddings or festival functions

Avoid wearing casual clothes at weddings or festivals parties. People who wear party clothing at weddings look very childish and amateur. You can go for a plain shirt with contrasting chinos if you want to look decent. You can also go for semi-formal options like wearing a t-shirt undercoat with chinos and white sneakers. Nowadays, decent and essential is the new trend so you should avoid over-dressing and glittery clothes.

If you want to buy some neutral and decent color t-shirts, you can go for the Gildan  t-shirts collection. Gildan is a great brand if you want to upgrade your wardrobe. And make sure to keep the above-described things in your mind before going anywhere because your attire describes you.

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