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How to Sell Laptops Online and Get Best Deals

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Want to sell your old laptop online? You need not worry. You can now sell laptops online at compelling prices, which suit both the buyers and sellers from the comfort of your home online. 

Sellbroke is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers to buy/ sell broken, damaged, or refurbished laptops and other IT products. 

Interestingly, if you wish to get a good price for selling your used laptop, you must check out this site. Sellbroke offers competitive prices to the sellers for their used gadgets and electronic products. It is a customer-friendly company, which provides unrivaled customer support services and assistance. 

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Get Best Deals for Buying and Selling Used IT Products

From a buyer’s point of view, it is the best platform to buy your favorite gadget and electronic products at an irresistible price. The company offers competitive quotes for broken laptops and other devices. 

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The process of completing the deal online is simple. You have to submit the request online for selling your broken or old laptops on the site. Once the company receives your gadget, it’ll process your payment within the next 24 hours through PayPal or wire transfer. The company bears the cost of shipping; you need not worry about it.

The company will send you a pre-paid shipping label. Just pack your device and drop it at the nearest UPS store.

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Sellbroke believes in sustainable living. It believes in recycling electronic products to reduce e-waste and work towards mitigating the impact of climate change.

Steps to Sell Your Broken/ Damaged Gadgets 

Select the device you wish to sell online: iPhone, Smartphone, Laptop, or spare parts.

Honestly describe the condition of the product.

If you wish to sell more products, you have to keep adding each product to your cart.

The company officials will take a look at the details you mentioned online regarding your products. Based on the estimate, they’ll quote you a price for the same.

Sellbroke will send you an email and a FREE UPS prepaid shipping label.

Pack your products carefully inside a carton.

Drop the same at the nearest UPS store.

Once the company gets the product, officials will physically verify its condition and send you the money instantly through PayPal or wire transfer. If the electronic transfer is not possible, the company will remit the money through a Bank Cheque addressed to your residence. 

Factors to consider while selling your broken laptops

Don’t conceal any information relating to the product you intend to sell.

Keep your price or quote realistic. Don’t demand anything arbitrarily.

You can use the money that you receive by selling your laptops for buying a new product.

Meanwhile, you can also buy any device or gadget from the site itself at an affordable price. 

Please wait for a few hours to receive the payment. 

For any questions or queries, get in touch with Sellbroke representatives immediately at their Toll-Free Number: 1-888-720-8882.

The Conclusion

A laptop is no longer a luxury. It has become crucial to people working in various departments. Whether you are a student, housewife, writer, doctor, lawyer, or sales executive; a laptop is essential to everyone for their personal and professional purposes. 

If you are running short of cash and wish to buy a refurbished laptop at an affordable price, you must check out SellBroke for further details. Similarly, if you have an extra laptop that you wish to sell online, you must visit its website to check out the latest offers and deals. 

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