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Xiaomi 11T Pro will adapt  the 120W charging


The next smartphone from Xiaomi (11T pro) will be compatible with the Hypercharger. It has been made official. This means that this particular model will utilize 120 W power for recharging

The official dispatch of this model from Xiaomi is just around the corner. The manufacturer has already confirmed 120w technology will be seen in the high-end smartphone(Xiaomi 11T Pro), the successor to the Mi10T and the pro version.

Concretely, this means that the next Xiaomi smartphone will be recharged at the power of 120 W. For its part, the Mi 10T Pro offers a 33 W recharge, while the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra peak at 67 W. A hell of a leap forward, therefore, for the next flagship from Xiaomi, and we now wait to know in how long will be the complete recharge of this new smartphone.

Recall that the Chinese manufacturer should formalize on September 15 this highly anticipated Xiaomi 11T Pro, but also a Xiaomi 11 T “all short,” with the technical sheet slightly less dapper.