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An Easy & Quick Way to Remote into Work PC from Home

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Why remote into work PC from home?

Have you ever been encountered the following awkward situations?

  • You’ve come up with a great idea suddenly when you were at home and needed to add it into your report stored on your work computer.
  • You wanted to work overtime at home at night, but only realized that some important data you needed right now was only restored on your work computer.
  • You needed to run an important program that was only accessible under the intranet environment of your company when you were at home.

These problems can all be solved if you can remote into work PC from home. Some of you may wonder “how to control my work PC from home”? The answer is remote control software. Remote control software can get you out of these situations by allowing you to remotely access your data, files and programs, on your work computer, or even control work computer from home.

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AnyViewer: a fast & reliable remote control software

When it comes to remote control software, many of you may think of Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) first. As a Microsoft software, it is equipped with your Windows computer already, thus you don’t need to do any installation work. 

However, you may encounter lots of problems when using RDP. For example, your work computer and home computer are under different networks. If you’re planning to use RDP outside your office network, you’ll need to configure the remote network to accept incoming connection requests through VPN or forward ports on your router. And users also reflected that they often encounter problems like your AnyViewer did not work, user account did not work, and clipboard did not work when using RDP, making it more difficult to use it. 

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As the process of setting up RDP is quite complicated, here we recommend you an easy and fast remote control freeware for remoting into work PC from home, AnyViewer.

  • AnyViewer does not require any network setup work, as long as both computers are connected to the internet and are running AnyViewer, you can achieve remote control.
  • In addition, AnyViewer supports various Windows versions. No matter your work computer is running Windows 10 or Windows 7 system, you can use it.
  • Furthermore, AnyViewer is totally free. It is pretty suitable for private users.

How to remote into work PC from home over AnyViewer?

Here in this part, you’ll learn how to easily start to remote into your work computer from home over AnyViewer.

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Setting up AnyViewer

Step 1. Download, install and run AnyViewer on both the client and the host computers.

Step 2. Click on Setting and then Recipient. Tick the third options. Then set the security code you want in the box. Then click OK to finish the set-up process.

You could also use the automatically generated temporary security code to complete direct connection. Note that the temporary security code changes every time you restart the tool.

Remote control over AnyViewer

You’ve already configured it for remote control. If you want to connect to another computer, you must first figure out its device ID.

Step 1. Input the device ID of your work computer in the box. Then click Connect.

After entering the device ID, you’ll be given two options:

Option 1. Send a control request

Step 2. Click Send a control request to your partner in the pop-up window.

Step 3. Your work computer will receive a pop-up request to control it. You’ll need the help of your colleague. He need to click Allow on the pop-up window on you work computer to allow you control it from home.

Option 2. Input security code

Step 2. Click Input security code. The code you input could either be a permanent security code that you set before on your work computer or an automatically-generated temporary security code. Both security codes allow you to establish connection directly.

Note: Temporary security code always changes when you restart the software.

In summary, if there’s someone in your office that can help you to control your work computer from home, you can choose to input a temporary security code or send a control request.  Otherwise, you need to set security code for your computer, keep it in mind and then you can establish connection.

In addition, AnyViewer can also provide users with some practical functions for remote control after a successful connection. Such as lock, logout, restart, command prompt (cmd), etc.

Users can choose image quality according to the network connection speed. If the network connection speed is better, it can provide a higher image quality. The default wallpaper hiding function makes the remote connection smoother.

AnyViewer also provide users with different resolutions. Users can choose according to their preferences.

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