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Modern Trends And Technologies Used In Mobile App Development

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Today, there are millions of apps available through various app stores such as Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Store, and others. The roots for mobile app development are established in increasingly traditional programming-based development. Fitness app development agency Stormotion explains “Mobile apps are also known to take advantage of the unique capabilities given by mobile device hardware specifications, such as accelerometers or temperature sensors in a smartwatch. The total global mobile app revenue is around 693 billion USD as of 2021 and it is expected to grow to 808.7 in the next year. Paid downloading and in-app advertisements are expected to produce more than 935 billion USD revenue by 2023. With over 40 million USD in-app earnings apiece, the top-grossing mobile gaming app producers in the Google Play Store globally in January 2019 were King, Supercell, and Bandai Namco Entertainment. Google, Tinder, and Pandora are the top non-gaming app developers in terms of income. With such an exponential market, ever wondered which technologies can be used for mobile application development? 

Table of Contents

  • We can design android and IOS applications using technologies like J2ee, C, C++, React JS and Native JS, etc. and they use html5, CSS3, media query, and fa-icons for UI designing
  • Few companies used for mobile application developments are adobe flex, mobile jQuery, and Telerik
  • Adobe xd, Wireframe, and Photoshop are used for the designing prototype of the screen 

Some major programming languages largely used for the same are:

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It serves as a simple foundation for most programming languages and has the ability to develop dynamic technological programs. Multi-platform software development is in great demand nowadays. We can create C++ code to develop the program once and then utilize it on several platforms without affecting the app’s productivity or protection. Because of its simple and successful compiler-based technique, it is a flexible tool that can be utilized on a multitude of devices.


Ever since the launching of Android, this object-oriented programming language is already the most popular and official language for developing Android mobile apps. Java, an incredibly adaptable language, contributes to your app’s flexibility, modularity, and extensibility. Java is simple to use, and numerous open-source libraries are readily accessible to select amongst.

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Swift is the language you use if you need to create something for Apple’s operating system. It is a renowned iOS application programming language that provides extensive capabilities with minimum coding and is easy to maintain. Swift is a sophisticated and straightforward programming language popular among Apple developers who use it for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and other platforms. It’s simple to use and open source, so those with an idea can develop something amazing.


HTML5 is the best technology to use if you are planning on developing mobile-friendly web-frontends. Enterprises considering cross-platform mobile app development see HTML5 as the best option since it helps you deliver the right end product.

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There are various advanced technology tools available whose benefits can be reaped by companies to create their app. By partnering with Android App Development Company like TechAhead, you can take advantage of these developer tools in the truest sense. This IOS App Development Company helps build apps from the ground up and even strategizes to reach across multiple platforms. To plunge into the competitive market with the latest technologies, contact the experts at TechAhead at the earliest.

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