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Where To Sell Your Used iPad or Any Other Tablet?

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With so many platforms for reselling preowned devices out there, choosing the right one can be a challenge.

Are you looking to sell your used tablet for good value? Damaged and non-functional tablets may have very little, if any, salvageable value, but if you took good care of your device, why not resell it? Is it nice to be able to turn that unwanted tablet into some extra cash to offset the price of the new upgrade? Or maybe to just treat yourself to ice cream on a hot day! And lucky for you, tons of companies and marketplaces can accommodate a used tech resale.

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This post will explore the used tablet selling options and help you pick one that best suits your needs.

So, Where to Sell a Used Tablet? 

It actually depends. For example, some places accept certain brands, like Apple, only. Brand, year make, and overall condition also determine how and where you can sell your used tablet. 

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So let’s explore your selling options in a little bit more detail.

A Buyback Service

You must have heard of online buyback sites by now. Those companies offer a quick, convenient, and risk-free selling experience. The only downside is that you are likely to sell your tablet for less money. But, overall, a buyback site eliminates the hassle of dealing with the listing, pricing, product descriptions, endless negotiations, shipping costs, selling fees, and even returns. With a buyback, your tablet appraisal is quick, upfront, and is usually done online in a matter of seconds. And with the number of online buyback companies out there, your only task is to pick the right one for you.

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Gadget Salvation

  • Benefits: Gadget Salvation offers a streamlined and secure way to sell your used gadgets, tablets included, online.
  • Turnaround: The whole duration process depends on the seller’s location and can take anywhere from two to 10 business days. The company processes payments within two workdays of receiving and inspecting the tablet.
  • Payment options: Currently, you can choose to be paid by a paper check, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Gadget Salvation was founded in 2008 on the west coast. It helps owners recycle their unwanted tech in exchange for cash. The company accepts tablets (including iPads), PC laptops and MacBook’s, smartphones, gaming consoles, and more. The company was born out of the frustration of dealing with marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. They know firsthand how tedious reselling process can be, so they decided to find a better way. As a result, they offer upfront estimates, free pre-paid shipping services, and various instant electronic payment options for their customers to choose from. Furthermore, they keep you updated along the way.

To sell a tablet through Gadget Salvation, follow the steps below:

  1. Look up your brand and model on their site and calculate an instant estimate based on your tablet’s functional and cosmetic condition.
  2. Receive a free pre-paid shipping label over email once you checkout and ship your tablet. 
  3. Get paid within two business days of Gadget Salvation receiving and inspecting your tablet. 

Retailer Trade-in Program

Many big electronics retailers offer online or in-store trade-in services. They do, however, accept only certain brands and types of gadgets. And more often than not, your gadget has to be in near-perfect cosmetic condition and fully working to qualify for a trade-in. So, if your device shows moderate wear, there is a good chance you won’t be offered a trade-in credit for it. A trade-in program works best for those who are looking to upgrade their current tablet model. Here you are paid in the form of either a store credit or a gift card. Please note that you cannot redeem it for cash.

Apple Trade-in Program (for Used iPads Only)

  • Benefits: Offers an easy way to upgrade your Apple gizmos.
  • Turnaround Payment: It can take up to three weeks to receive the store credit on your Apple Gift Card.

As you have probably guessed, Apple takes Apple electronics only. And a limited number of types of gadgets at that. The trade-in process is nearly identical to what was described above. And you can take advantage of the program both online and in the Apple store. Unfortunately, once again, the Apple Gift Card balance cannot be exchanged for money. And unlike with Best-Buy Trade-in, here you can redeem your credit on Apple products only. 

Sell Used Tablet in Person through Classified Ads

If you are willing to spend some time and effort to sell your preowned tablet for a little bit more money, this option is for you. But be prepared for the selling process to take a while. Plus, you would have to take good (almost professional) photos of the tablet you are selling, describe it in great detail, often create a seller account, negotiate and meet up with interested parties, etc. It is time-consuming. And if you are selling on eBay, be prepared to pay for shipping and potentially deal with a return, or even worse, a fraudulent buyer.

Therefore, it is important to take certain precautions to protect yourself from being scammed. For example, arrange to meet with potential buyers in a public place like a coffee shop or close to a police station. And do not accept personal checks. 

Facebook Marketplace:

  • Benefits: You can sell used tablets and other electronics locally in your area with the help of your Facebook profile.
  • Turnaround Payment: Depends on how fast you can find the buyer, their location, and whether your tablet has to be shipped. 

So, if you have a Facebook account, you can start selling immediately. Just select the Marketplace tab on your Facebook page to get started. Here again, you will need good photos, detailed and accurate information about the tablet you are selling, and a lot of patience to reply to countless inquires promptly.

Preowned Tablet Trade-in Value

The resale value of your used tablet or an Apple iPad depends on the model, its condition, as well as current market demand. For example, certain brands, like Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, have a better resale value than Samsung Galaxy tablets on the resale market today.

Here are few pricing examples:

Please note that used tablets depreciate rapidly, so it would be better to recycle them responsibly if your model is older. 

Bottom Line

Tablet owners have quite a few options when it comes to reselling their technology. Of course, depending on your objective, one can meet your needs better than the other. But, If you are looking for a hassle-free and secure tablet sale, we recommend going with Gadget Salvation. Transacting with Gadget Salvation is a sure thing. Plus, they will save you some precious time to spend on the things that matter. 

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