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Samsung Galaxy S21: Android12 Beta Test, is now available but limited for the US alone

by Joseph Richard
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Google has no comment yet about when and where it will release its next OS version since one of XDA’s editors leaked an internal document giving helpful information about android 12. However, on the other end, the Korean manufacturer Samsung decided to run One UI 4.0/Android 12 for its users in the states (only active members in the Samsung Members program). At the moment, users who have an unlocked Galaxy S21 phone have access to this update

As usual, the Californian firm does make their following Android framework in the first weeks of September. But as for now, Google has instead chosen to remain silent on android 12. Thanks to the Samsung update, on the 14th of September, its beta testers now have a glimpse of its in-house overlay One UI 4.0(Android 12).

The only limitation is that it is only accessible for individuals in the States. You have to download the Samsung Members mobile app and accept the update to access it. However, this doesn’t mean that all members can access the program. It is only reserved for individuals owning a Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S21 unlocked smartphones.

Later on, countries such as Germany, Poland, China, UK, India and South Korea will also see the upgrade. According to them, concerning when the manufacturer would start rolling out a stable version of Android 12, that would be conducted before the year ends. The manufacturer has further clarified that the One UI 4.0 Is very distinctive from Googles own OS as far as privacy/customization of appearance is concerned.

“Participants in the One UI 4 beta will be able to experience comprehensive personalization capabilities, and privacy controls that allow them to design their ideal mobile experience – an experience uniquely tailored to their individual needs and that allows them to express who they are,”


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