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How to Download a Video from YouTube

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Generally, videos viewed on YouTube through the app or the original website cause some problems. This is due to the fact that it is not always possible to ensure that you will have the internet connection required to play these videos and watch them at your leisure. Due to this issue, your best bet is to download the video that you may need for a particular reason.

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There are multiple ways to download a video onto a device. The factors that matter are the device you use and the number of payments you can make for subscriptions.

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Official YouTube Methods


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One of the first two ways to download a video from YouTube is to subscribe to YouTube Go Vanced official website. YouTube Go allows you to download any videos you want and works best for when mobile data isn’t always available. 



YouTube Premium is another subscription that offers you a world of benefits. Such as downloading videos and letting music play after you’ve exited the app. YouTube Premium can be a bit pricey for a subscription, especially when you’re only looking to download a few videos. It is not suitable to be out of so much money if the services provided are not regularly used. 



YouTube Premium works in a way that allows you to download videos in the official YouTube app, which means that the videos downloaded will not be saved directly to your device folder. Instead, they will be present only in the YouTube app.  



Underneath the video you want to download, there is a clear “download” option. As soon as you click on it, the download will begin and progress at a speed depending upon the length of the video. Once the download is complete, the loading icon will change into a tick mark indicating the finished result. 



All the downloaded videos are present in your library through the downloaded videos option.

Vanced Pro

A website that specializes in downloading videos is the way to go. Vanced pro official website is one such website that allows you to do so. You just have to copy the URL of your preferred video and let it do its job. This is a convenient and free way to do it. It is also not time-consuming and permits you to have your favorite videos at your fingertips without worrying about picture-in-picture or inadequate internet connection. 

Unofficial Methods 

Luckily, there are certain unofficial methods used to download videos from YouTube. There is no claim that these ways are legal because the methods often shut down. But no harm comes to your device if you use a viable website. 


If you’re looking to save videos directly to your device, then the download process is a bit more enhanced.


A disadvantage of these sites is that they are often shut down, compelling the users to look elsewhere. Be sure to pick such a site that is trustworthy and wouldn’t harm your device in any way. These harms include viruses. 


This option is very versatile and allows you to choose the quality of the video download. You can also download YouTube music by simply changing the mp format on the settings. These websites offer extensions to help download videos in better quality. They also sometimes offer subscriptions for better services. 


Steps involved in downloading YouTube videos using these sites


  • Copy the URL of your video. On the website, this is the text present in the top bar. If you are in the app, press share to get the “copy link” option. 
  •  Search for a “YouTube to MP4” converter on Google. This will offer you a list of websites to choose from. Make sure you occupy a site that seems to be safer than the others. 
  • Paste your copied URL in the text bar on the first page of the website. 
  • Choose your details, such as the MP format and the quality of the video. Once you have chosen your preferred options, press convert. This will start converting the video. 
  • After the conversion is complete, there will be a download option. Clicking on it will start the downloading process of your video into your device. 



Apps are also available to help download YouTube videos. Not every app is free, but it is easy to find some that are. This process is also similar to the previous one. You have to copy the video URL and paste it into the text bar. Set your resolutions and let the video download. There is an option of making a list and downloading all videos together or downloading the YouTube playlist. The advantage of having an app is that your choices are set as default, and you will not have to start anew every time you’re looking to download a YouTube video. 


Downloading Music from YouTube:


There are times when you only need the audio from a particular video, or you want to download music from YouTube. When this is the case, there are several things you can do. 

YouTube Music Premium also allows you to have the ability to download music. This way, you will have all your favorite music at the tip of your fingers. It also does not raise the issue of not having an internet connection when you are out and about. The same thing occurs where music remains in your YouTube app. 

The same technique is used to download music in your device folder when downloading music with only a few details changed. The only change that comes is that you change your MP format. 

 Final Thoughts 

Downloading videos and music from YouTube has become insanely easy, as it was not before. Depending on your wishes, you can pick and choose whatever you want and start your process in a quick second. 

Before this technology existed, it was very hard to download videos and have them at your wit’s notice. It was challenging to access these videos with no internet connection or with a slow internet connection.  

Now it is easy, and there are multiple methods for what you want. So don’t you worry, just start downloading.

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