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Oppo mobile phone depends on a mirror camera

Oppo has gain trust & confidence so massively in Many markets globally since the day it started operating. To add on, the Manufacturer is “said” to be developing a smartphone with a multidirectional camera. Thanks to LetsGoDigital, we can see some rendered images of the smartphone.

If it is true, then this means that our cell phones don’t yet have enough cameras. We can see around three lenses on the smartphone’s rear and three for the three selfie cameras from the image.  A multidirectional camera will be handy in this scenario as it will better capture any object in motion

Oppo wants to solve a problem that many of our smartphones face, Taking sharp images of objects moving so fast. We can see this concept from its patent published by WIPO(World Intellectual Property Office).

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On the upper frame, the camera is sheltered. The camera can change without tilting the phone in seconds. For this to be possible rotating reflective mirror is utilised. The mirror rotates as soon as the camera senses that the object has changed its position during capture. At the same time, the camera at the side is activated to continue taking shots without losing the sharpness of the image.

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