How to Unsend an Email After 30 Seconds in Gmail


We all use Gmail, and sometimes we notice a lot of spelling or grammatical errors in the emails, and we can’t get them back to fix the problem. Fortunately, Google added an option that allows you to unsend emails in Gmail after a few moments, with the maximum being 10 seconds by default. However, we will make it in 30 seconds, which is not enough time, but it will save us from many problems in the future.

Is it possible, however, to recall an email in Gmail after 30 seconds have passed? In a nutshell, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ This is how.

Undo Send allows you to retrieve an email in Gmail.

If you decide you don’t want to send an email that has already been dispatched, you can cancel it right away by clicking ‘undo’ on the bottom left, where you’ll see the message sent.’

How long do you have to remember an email?

The amount of time you have to recall an email is determined by you and your settings. If you want to see or change how much time you give yourself to the right your wrongs, go to Gmail, settings, and see all settings.’ You’ll see a’send cancellation period’ next to ‘undo send’, where you can select five, ten, twenty, or thirty seconds.

Unfortunately, once that period has passed, there is no way to retrieve the email.

How to Unsend an Email in Gmail on an iPhone or Android

To begin, 

  • open the Gmail app on your iPhone and ensure that you are logged in. After you’ve composed and sent an email, you’ll see a ‘undo’ option in the bottom-right corner. You’ll have five seconds to remember the email.
  • When you recall an email, it will reopen as a draft, which you can then edit or delete.

On Android devices, you cannot retrieve an email from Gmail. You can, however, change your ‘general settings’ to require you to confirm an email before sending it.