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How to Update Google Chrome

Google Chrome is updated every six weeks with major new versions and more frequently with security patches. Chrome downloads updates automatically, but it does not restart the browser to install them. Here’s how to check for and install updates right away.

  • Click the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner of Chrome on Windows, Mac, or Linux, hover your mouse cursor over “Help,” and select “About Google Chrome.” You can also enter chrome:/settings/help into Chrome’s address bar and press Enter.
Click More, point to Help, then click on About Google Chrome
  • As soon as you open the About Google Chrome page, Chrome will check for updates and download them.

If Chrome has already downloaded and installed an update, the menu icon will change to an up arrow and one of three colors, depending on how long the update has been available:

  • Green indicates that an update has been available for two days.
  • Orange: A four-day update is now available.
  • Red: A seven-day update is now available.
Google Chrome begins to update
  • After installing the update, or if it has been waiting for a few days, click “Relaunch” to complete the update process.
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