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Betting apps vs mobile betting sites: the advantage and disadvantages

There are countless sportsbooks available to online bettors. If you enjoy sports betting online, there are more websites available than any one person could possibly list. These betting sites all come with unique features that set them apart, whether it is an appealing layout, great markets, or unique promotions. Bettors must choose which aspect they prioritize. If you enjoy betting from your phone, there are several different websites that provide apps for their users, while most simply rely on mobile-optimized betting sites.

Betting apps are rarer than mobile betting sites because there is more red tape and general work that goes into creating them. Some gamblers love using apps and believe them to be the optimal source of online betting. Some don’t see any major difference. At the end of the day, it primarily comes down to individual preferences. If your preference is to use an app rather than a mobile site, you may be unsure which one is best. We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of the best sports betting apps out there so you can find the right fit for you.

There are some unique advantages to each method of mobile gambling, as well as unique disadvantages. Let’s compare some of the differences between the two methods to get a better sense of which one might be best for you.

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Sports Betting Apps:

Sports betting apps are applications you download on your smartphone, typically from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. There are numerous different operators that provide sports betting apps for Canadian and American users, such as Sports Interaction and Bet365. Typically, it is only the biggest and best-known operators that will provide a betting app to their users. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage for betting apps. If you are someone who prefers using less well-known operators that specialize in more niche kinds of sports betting, chances are you’ll struggle to find a dedicated app.

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One of the biggest advantages that apps have over mobile betting sites is that they are the most convenient form of mobile betting. The express purpose of mobile sports betting is that it should be easy, and you should be able to do it on the go. Apps provide a more convenient and personalized experience, as you stay logged in and your bet history and preferences are saved.

Another advantage of sports betting apps is that many operators provide promotions for bettors that use their mobile apps. If you use these, you’ll gain access to some additional free opportunities that could result in a bigger payout.

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In terms of disadvantages, there are no major disadvantages to using sports betting apps. However, some users would prefer not to download an app that takes up space on their phone. A lot of these apps also require certain updates and operating systems on your phone, so many users would prefer to simply avoid these additional aspects.

Mobile Betting Sites:

For the operators that don’t have apps, there are alternative options for bettors looking to gamble from their phones. These are mobile betting sites, which essentially bring the operator’s website to your smartphone in an optimized format. They provide the same experience as the website, with very few differences apart from the fact that it is accessible on a mobile format. This allows you to engage with the same markets you enjoy on your desktop, wherever you are.

The advantages to mobile betting sites are that it is very easy to access, and doesn’t require adding anything onto your phone. You can use whichever mobile browser you prefer, and some sportsbooks allow for customization on their betting sites for phones. Another advantage is that mobile betting sites are a low commitment. When you download an app, it takes up space, so you only can download so many. With mobile betting sites, you can go from operator to operator without having to download anything, allowing you to use as many sportsbooks as you prefer.

In terms of disadvantages, mobile betting sites may not be as easy to use and personalized as an app. Apps remain on your phone logged in, with all your betting history updated and your experience more custom-tailored. As well, there tend to not be many operators that provide bonuses for using mobile betting sites, so you won’t have the same access to fun new promotions.


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