Infinity Kingdom Invites Players from Global Servers


Infinity Kingdom is a strategy game which was released in January 2021. Users must defend Norheim against the wicked gnome players in this game. 

Early on in the game, the game is set up to encourage the player to form a powerful water team. Most players set this as an early objective due to the benefit of having four water immortals and one immortal dragon.

5 ways to increase an immortal’s strength Recommended by Gaming Dost:

  1. 7 layers of shards (similar to our 4 star)
  2. 4 slots for equipment (similar to ours except you can level up gear using a special currency)
  3. Level of immortality (increased through experience in battle)
  4. Skill upgrade (at tier 3, the immortal gains access to their second talent; at tier 7, they gain access to their third skill). In a separate system, skill 2 and 3 can be upgraded. Each tier improvement raises Skill 1 by one level.
  5. Booster for artefacts (these are earned through the campaign)

Contention of Legends are going to see gamers gather at, Contention of Legends-0097 as well as Server 97, as Infinity Kingdom expands into new territories such as South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Clash and Clash Bashing with Eric from the United States and the United Kingdom will lead Ydvia, while Ssamdole as well as COMMANDER ZICO from South Korea will lead Rusland.

Vitas will be led by Uzra and Bebe from Hong Kong and Taiwan, respectively. With its Contention of Legends event, Infinity Kingdom is increasing the stakes by inviting gamers from all across the world to compete alongside influential leaders in an epic quest to capture the World Heart. From September 23rd through October 31st, participants in YOOZOO Games’ MMO strategy title may compete many fantastic prizes by joining a single server.

If you can’t wait to get in on the action, Infinity Kingdom is available for download on the App store of IOS, and for Android devices at only at Google store. You may play the game on Steam as well. If you are Doom 3 lover than you can also visit doom 3 codes as well. This game is free of cost, allowing you to make purchases during the game. You may also get a preview of the event gameplay by watching the attached YouTube sneak peek above.

To capture the World Heart, players will need to form powerful coalitions. Following that, a member of the victorious alliance will be named King or Queen of Norheim, with several participation incentives available to all players. The top 100 players will receive even more in-game goods worth thousands of dollars based on their participation in the event.

The Final Word

After reading this article, now you know almost everything that is related to the game known as infinity kingdom including but not limited to the introduction of the game infinity kingdom as well as that this game is calling every player from global servers to play together. Now, all you have to do is play the game.