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What Not To Wear This Summer

by Intizar Ali
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You want something comfortable and cool for summer. It doesn’t matter if you have a special occasion, so it’s more of a matter of choice. There are certain things that you shouldn’t wear this summer. These are six fashion faux pas your horoscope sign won’t be able to tell you about:

Don’t wear clothes that don’t match

It is important to match what you are wearing in color, pattern and texture. If you have a polka dots shirt and plaid shorts, get another pair! I f you like singer then always wear celebrity clothes like tylerthecreatormerch outfits form official tyler the creator store, which groom your personalilty.

Exercising too much skin

Exposing more skin in certain areas is okay depending on where you live. For example, in India showing your back, or Europe showing your arms, but make sure you know what is culturally acceptable. Don’t wear anything that isn’t appropriate for your area.

Too much jewelry

Although jewelry can be a great way to enhance your outfit, too many can be overwhelming. Only choose one piece of jewelry that is distinctive and complements the rest of your outfit.

Common sense is lost

Common sense is important, as long as you don’t wear anything that’s offensive (e.g. writing swear words on clothing). If a travisscottofficial shirt and pants have two completely different appearances (casual or formal), it is important to remember this.

Too many times wearing the same piece

Although there are occasions when we may wear the same dress multiple times, it is best to not wear the same top and bottoms repeatedly. This is asking for attention!

Poor fitting clothing

It’s not just about the color or pattern of what you wear, but also how it fits your body. Don’t wear something that doesn’t fit well, even if you’re a new customer. It doesn’t matter if everyone else is wearing it, it doesn’t mean that you should!

These 6 things are not appropriate for summer. You’ll look great!


What are the 6 things that you shouldn’t wear this summer? Don’t wear too many clothes. It is tempting to wrap up in layers of clothing and keep cool with an AC, but it is better for your body and health to go outside without wearing any clothes. You should also avoid tightening your neck with ties or scarves as this will make it feel hotter quicker than any other. A third rule is to avoid short skirts or shorts unless there’s a lining underneath so they don’t blow up in the wind. The fourth principle is to avoid dark colors as they absorb.

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