Apple resolves a bug in iOS 15 silently and refuses to recognise the person who discovered it.


Apple did not mention this on its security upgrades website, and it did not give credit to the person who made the finding.

Apple released iOS 15.0.1 on October 1st to fix an unlocking bug with the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch. Jose Rodriguez found and showed a weakness in September that allowed bypassing the iPhone lock screen, and the firm took advantage of the opportunity to fix it. The issue is that this improvement isn’t mentioned anywhere, so the researcher isn’t given credit.

Jose Rodriguez had tweeted a demonstration of the vulnerability in September in protest of Apple’s bug reward program. He claimed on Twitter that he had not been compensated adequately for earlier vulnerabilities of the same sort: “Apple values reports of problems of this type by awarding them up to $25 000 dollars, yet I was only paid $5,000 for reporting a more significant problem.” Furthermore, the corporation failed to fix the vulnerabilities in question adequately and contacted the researcher about them.

Security specialists will undoubtedly be enraged by this new unwillingness to acknowledge Rodriguez for founding the bug and reporting it