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Google says Android 12 is ready, but updates won’t be available until later.

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This is also a new technique; although Google has completed Android 12, the final upgrade for Pixel smartphones has yet to be released. The update should have been ready for download today, in most cases. What exactly is going on?

According to the timetable, Windows 11 is out now and maybe installed, but Android 12 is expected to arrive today. At least in part, it does. Until recently, Google has consistently released a final version of Android and made it available for download directly on its Pixel handsets. Android 12 is now available – but only through the Android Open Source Project. Updates for Pixel devices are expected to arrive in a few weeks.

On the other hand, manufacturers may now move on with their beta tests to the final step. OnePlus, Oppo and other manufacturers have begun testing based on the most recent Android 12 version. Samsung should incorporate these features as soon as possible. This year, the gap between Android 12 on Pixel devices and the release of Android 12 on other manufacturers are likely to be significantly less. According to Google, the upgrades should be available from third-party manufacturers before the end of the year.

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According to its sources, Google is still working on tones in the Pixel features before the final Android 12 upgrade for their phones arrives in a few weeks. With the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro introduction at the end of October, this must-have has become a reality. So, even with Google devices, do we now have to expect Android upgrades to arrive slower due to Google’s frequent changes to the Pixel Launcher? We don’t want to hope so since it would negate one of our major selling points. Pixel users want their Android upgrades to arrive quickly and without delay.

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