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iOS 15.1 brings ProRes videos to the iPhone 13 Pro.

by Joseph Richard
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This is one of the new iPhone’s most prominent features, yet it is still missing from the devices launched last week. Apple confirmed that videos in the ProRes format would be available in the upcoming iOS release. As a reminder, this function is only available on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The ProRes option in iOS 15.1’s menu

Those who have signed up for Apple’s beta test program have downloaded the third version of iOS 15.1 and have confirmed that the ProRes video format is supported.

ProRes is a “compression-free” video standard that allows videographers to recover files that are far larger and much more detailed. This is particularly helpful for any post-production work. In this case, the ProRes format may be likened to what the ProRaw form gave the photographer on the iPhone 12 Pro in terms of video.

However, keep in mind that the iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB of storage will have certain limitations. Only 1080p resolution will be offered in ProRes in this scenario. The explanation is simple: a full HD HDR 10-bit movie in ProRes will take up 1.7 GB of space after 10 minutes. As a result, only devices with at least 256 GB of storage will be able to use 4K (at 30 FPS).

A new macro button has been added.

Another new feature in iOS 15.1 is the addition of a button in the camera’s UI for activating macro mode. This component is presently only available in a dynamic version on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Getting near enough to the object is enough to activate the macro optics. However, some users find this process inaccurate and, in certain circumstances, very irritating. On the future version of iOS, a switch will allow it to be manually triggered.

Since mid-September, iOS 15 has been available for iPhone 6S and earlier. According to Mixpanel data, just 8.59 percent of people would have downloaded the app within 48 hours of its release. This percentage was 14.68 percent for iOS 14.

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