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The best sports gadgets of 2021

In 2020, we all realized how valuable it is to be able to get outdoors at any time and exercise. Now is your chance to catch up on your workouts. In this article, will tell you about the six best gadgets that will make your workouts even more effective and interesting.

Smartwatch Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is both affordable in terms of price and a high-tech smartwatch for sports lovers who lack the functions of a simple fitness bracelet. The gadget can track 11 types of workouts. You can even swim using them because they are equipped with moisture protection. Also, the watch can determine your geolocation using GPS. The large display, which has a diagonal of 1.4 inches, is also a plus for this model. One battery charge is enough for 9 days of operation in standard mode or 10 hours of continuous communication with the satellite.

Breathing simulator O2IN

This gadget looks very much like a simple harmonica. Applying O2IN daily for 10–20 minutes will help you pump breathing muscles, increase lung volume, and make your workouts more effective. The fact is that the gadget will create resistance that you have to overcome. The same thing happens when you, for example, swing your arm muscles with dumbbells or a barbell. The creators of the device are confident that thanks to such intense breathing training and a greater volume of oxygen consumed, you will be able to run longer distances, as well as shorten the warm-up time. Research has shown that proper breathing works well for running.

AfterShokz OpenMove Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

These headphones are a great companion for cyclists or runners because they want to keep their ears open during workouts. Otherwise, you may simply not hear the approach of the car. The creators of AfterShokz OpenMove made their gadget with this in mind. Headphones transmit sound waves directly through the bones of the skull, so you can always hear the noise of a car or the scream of a passerby. You will be able not only to listen to music during your workout but also to talk on the phone. Thanks to the titanium case, the headphones are reliably protected from damage, and moisture protection will allow you to use them even in rainy and humid weather. The model has a comfortable fit, so the AfterShokz OpenMove will not fly off your head, even during particularly intense movements or tight turns on the bike.

Smart scales Picooc Mini Pro V2 with a set of fitness bands

Another smart gadget. The Picooc Mini Pro V2 scale will help you safely and effectively get into the athletic form you strive for. These scales have ultra-precise bioimpedance sensors, as well as special algorithms, thanks to which the gadget analyzes the body composition. Everything is taken into account: height, weight, gender, age. In just three seconds, the scale can determine 15 indicators of your body. Based on the information collected, the Picooc app will give you personalized advice on physical activity, diet and lifestyle. You will also receive information about your heart rate, body tone and water balance. All this will be available right the moment you step on the scales.

The advantage of the gadget is that the manufacturers supply a set of video workouts and three fitness bands with it to immediately start achieving the ideal form.

Tangram Smart Rope Rookie

The special magnetic sensors built into the Tangram Smart Rope Rookie help the gadget to count the number of jumps, the duration of the exercise, as well as the calories burned. You can view the report on these indicators in the appendix. The rope is 317 cm long and can be adjusted to suit your height. All this makes it a good training tool, even for very tall people. The gadget only needs a CR2032 battery to work.

Bose Sport Earbuds

Another headphone on our list. They will appeal to athletes who simply cannot train without good music. Bose Sport Earbuds have no wires, they are almost invisible when worn, and are made of very lightweight materials. However, the sound is excellent. Headphones practically do not distort the sound of music and reproduce it quite loudly. You can configure them as a headset for calls. Bose Sport Earbuds are not afraid of sweat during intense workouts and inclement weather. The charge will last for 5 hours of continuous use.

James Musoba
James Musoba
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