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Why is Samsung afraid to implement fast charging on its Expensive smartphones like the Galaxy S22?

by Joseph Richard
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As the Samsung Galaxy S22 launch approaches, many secrets about the smartphone are shared in the limelight. A description of the cellphone in a Chinese certification service listing also allows you to discover more about its charging characteristics. And the very least which can be stated is that the Xiaomi 11T Pro, with its 120 W charging capacity, may put both ears to sleep.

Iphone’s 20 W charging gets criticized, but the world’s most popular phone manufacturer performs its work effectively. Despite an effort to implement 45 W charging on the Galaxy Note 10+ from 2019, Samsung has subsequently reverted to 25 W.Everything indicates that future models will be the same.

According to documents found in the Chinese certification body’s list, the upcoming Galaxy S22 would use the same charging power as the manufacturer’s previous high-end smartphones. Specifically, 25 W. Also, keep in mind that while Samsung no longer includes chargers with its smartphones, it should still provide an EP-TA800 unit optimized for future flagships as an alternative. The Chinese regulator tells us it’s the same one she’s been using for the past two years.

Based on the current charging capabilities of the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra, we should be able to charge his smartphone in between 1 hour, 30 and 2 hours, depending on the model. This is still quite acceptable but well beyond what the competition – particularly Xiaomi, OPPO, and realme – offers.

Why is Samsung so adamant about Fast charging?

One might ask why Samsung is so adamant about limiting the charging capacity of its devices. And there are numerous explanations for this conservatism. First and foremost, the agony of the Galaxy Note 7 must be remembered. As a reminder, Samsung was forced to issue an emergency recall for all of these devices released in 2016 after many of them exploded owing to faulty batteries.

Then, last year, Samsung decided not to include a charger in the box of their smartphones, claiming that everyone is already equipped. It’s also pointless to talk about greater charging power without offering a charger that can handle it. As a result, the manufacturer risks being exposed to the potential that its consumers would utilize chargers made by third parties that do not necessarily fulfill the South Korean giant’s safety requirements.

At the very least, we shouldn’t expect to see a Galaxy arrive with a lot of charging power for a long time. However, keep in mind that a smartphone that charges slowly depletes its battery-less over time.

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