10 Essential Components for a Budget PC Build


If you are new to the gaming world, it may be difficult for you to choose which computer configuration is best for you.

The consequence might be disastrous unless you are well-versed in the major components of the PC. If you want to learn about the main pieces that are necessary in a computer to do all critical functions, including gaming, this article may be of interest to you.

Before deciding on the essential components, you need first research the action and purpose of each component. So, here are some of the most vital components that will provide you with the finest experience!

Cabinet for Computers

Yes, selecting the appropriate PC cabinet is critical since all of your vital components must fit within.

Small size ATX cabinet PCs will be increasingly popular in 2020, owing to their smaller size. Also, owing to technology – particularly AMD and Nvidia for investing much in R&D – GPUs and graphic cards today have tiny sizes.


The motherboard is a circuit board that connects all of the other computer hardware and provides an electrical interface between the major components.

It is regarded as the computer’s heart, since it regulates all of the other components and quickly transfers data from one to the other. It includes a variety of connections like as data lines, power cables, GPU card slots, and CPU sockets.

It also contains various building elements, like as jumpers, transistors, and capacitors, which make all of the other components work properly. You can also choose best motherboard for i5 4690k.


The CPU, like the motherboard, is an important component of a computer. It normally controls the majority of tasks via keyboard, mouse, and other input devices. Its responsibility is to handle the backdrops, load maps, execute games, and process other events without interruption.

When shopping for your own PC setup, be sure that the motherboard and CPU are compatible with one another. A CPU with a large number of cores and high frequency speeds up and improves the performance of your computer.

CPU Cooling

Because the CPU consumes so much electricity, it generates a lot of heat. When the system is hot, it causes a number of performance issues.

Furthermore, when the CPU is frenziedly hot, the possibilities of your PC’s components being destroyed increase. As a result, while purchasing the necessary components for a low-cost PC build, you should prioritize the CPU cooler.

Certain elements must be considered, such as the CPU cooler’s compatibility with your CPU and its socket’s similarity to the CPU and motherboard CPU socket.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is the most important component of your gaming computer. It is in charge of calculating and controlling all visual elements such as GUI, Images, User Interface, and so on, and displaying them appropriately on the monitor.

The graphics card oversees the processing and provides high-quality images of images collected from the CPU in an easy manner.

Various graphics cards are created with features that aid in regulating some of the more exact graphical aspects like as anti-aliasing, picture rotation, and fine texturing.

PSU stands for Power Supply Unit.

A gaming PC is insufficient without a power supply. It may not have a direct influence on the gaming experience, but it will have an indirect one since, without enough power, you will encounter buffering, which will ruin the whole gaming experience.

Because there are so many PSU brands on the market, selecting the best one might be difficult. However, before purchasing your PSU unit, it is essential to research the wattage requirements of your PC in order for it to work consistently both now and in the future.

Unless you purchase the finest one, you may have troubles like as blue-screening, sluggish performance, screen shutting off, and so on. As a result, maintaining the capacity of the power supply is critical if you want to have the best gaming experience possible.


RAM is a kind of short-term thinking storage that holds active data processed by the CPU. It aids in speedy reading and writing but loses all information if the power is turned off. The CPU’s processing duties become simpler for it to complete when it has access to large amounts of RAM. The RAM is installed in a particular slot on the motherboard.

Additional Cooling Component

As previously stated, excessive heat generation is detrimental to the system. Not only does the CPU grow hot, but other computer gear such as the GPU and the PC casing must also be cooled; otherwise, the computer will not work properly.

You do not need to be concerned since the GPU already comes with a cooling. However, since the PC casing is enclosed, the components within it get very heated. As a result, you may install fans inside the case to blast out heated air and draw in cold air, keeping all the components cool and stable.


If you are building a PC expressly for gaming, the monitor will likely play a significant role. It is in charge of controlling the games and their graphic output.

One of the primary elements influencing the amount of memory required on the graphics card is the screen resolution of your display. In extreme circumstances, playing games while keeping the maximum screen resolution may cause the graphics card to overheat.

CD Drive and Hard Drive

The hard drive is a vital component to consider since it is where all of the games and other applications are placed.

The CPU reads data from storage and displays it on the monitor. A CD drive, on the other hand, is required. Although it is not often utilized these days, some players still demand the installation of the CD for any particular gaming.

All of these components are critical to assembling while constructing a low-cost PC. Along with all of this, you may include a joystick, an upgraded operating system, and other features for your enjoyment.