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There is no better cover for your iPhone 13 than this one

You’ll need a one-of-a-kind protective cover to keep your brand new iPhone 13 safe. Why not try the “Candy Catapult,” a cover that can also be used to launch candy into the air?

For iPhone 13, there’s a “Candy Catapult” cover

Regardless of the durability of the new iPhone 13’s Ceramic Shield, many owners of the Apple smartphone can afford a protective case to secure their new purchase. Instead of using a traditional cover , Matty Benedetto a opted to create his our own: the “Candy Catapult.”

As a result, a 3D-printed DIY case with a compartment to hold the treasured iPhone 13 and a candy store has been created. Matty Benedetto added a spring plunger to eject the candy from the shell, similar to that of a pinball machine.

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