What’s the deal with those sizzling AirPods Pro? Apple’s replacement policy has been extended


It’s the type of small sentence at the bottom of the contract that we usually overlook, but that pleases us once in a while. The AirPods Pro sizzling exchange program, which debuted in 2020, has been discreetly extended for another year.

A Reddit user noticed a slight change on the official website dedicated to the repair program: instead of indicating that the AirPods Pro would be covered for two years, it now states that it would be covered for three years.

One of the two headphones begins to show indications of weakening after several months of use. It sizzles in this situation; the sound “cracks” when listening or phoning. In a nutshell, it no longer functions as it should. And it’s here that Apple’s “AirPods Pro Service Program for Sound Problems” comes in.

The faulty earphone may be readily changed by following a straightforward method. However, the program was quickly coming to an end! The page covers the AirPods Pro for two years following the product’s initial marketing. With the AirPods Pro set to be launched on October 30, 2019, we were on the verge of missing the deadline.