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The Samsung Galaxy S22 might include a redesigned backside photosensor arrangement

Samsung may shock the image side with its next Galaxy S22 line. The next Samsung smartphone might include a sensor in the shape of a “P.” Samsung will launch the Galaxy S22, a new series of premium smartphones, early next year. Many speculations and other technological transgressions are already leaking, especially with the upcoming mobile’s photo area.

As a result, Samsung may pick a photosensor in the shape of a “P,” with two vertical blocks, three sensors on one side and two on the other, for the Galaxy S22 (Ultra). According to Ice Universe, the sensors would be wholly incorporated into the back face, with only the tiniest protrusion, to avoid excessive protrusion.

LetsGoDigital’s design is pretty informative; a Galaxy S22 Ultra would have a more beautiful look due to a smaller picture module. Of course, we’ll have to wait a little longer to learn the appearance and technical specifications of the Galaxy S22 series in an official manner this time.

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