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BMW reveals a new EV architecture starting with the 3 Series

by Dennis Mathu
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Electric vehicles (EVs) are clearly the future and BMW knows this too, that’s why they have revealed their new architecture, the Neue Klasse EV platform. It will be the foundation of their third phase of electrification strategy in 2025.

The new architecture will feature the sixth-generation electric powertrain, long-range battery tech, fast charging capability, lightweight construction, a fully customisable EV operating system and utilize new sustainable construction materials.

The first model to implement the Neue Klasse EV platform will be the BMW 3 Series, with the internal working title NK1, the electrified saloon will be sold alongside combustion engine versions at first. This is the same strategy the company is applying with the Porsche Macan EV and the petrol version.

Current BMW 3 Series

The Neue Klasse EV platform is set to serve as the basis for all BMW electric models from 2025 onwards, from the series 2 all the way to large X series SUVs.

“The Neue Klasse represents the beginning of a new phase of operations for BMW,” said Research and Development Chief Frank Weber. “It’s scaled to allow us to build electric cars from a 2 Series-sized saloon up to an X7-sized SUV.”

Weber added that this highly scalable singular platform will greatly enhance BMW’s manufacturing efficiency across its entire line up.

“We won’t be building separate structures. The Neue Klasse will see a big ramp-up in volume potential. We’ve learned a lot in scaling over the past two generations of platform development,” he said.

The new platform brings new architectural enhancements such as a flat floor structure that does away with the centre tunnel of the electrified CLAR platform plus a longer wheelbase that enables the A-pillars to be pulled forward for improved space and interior packaging.

“People are expecting different aesthetics. That’s why we’ve developed a new styling direction for our electric models,” explained Weber.

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