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How To Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching It

The idea of hacking someone’s phone without installing an app on their phone might seem absurd. However, due to today’s advanced technology, it’s possible. Click here to know how.

Are you an anxious parent and want to keep a check on your kid’s phone? Well, here are some techniques you can use to hack someone’s phone without touching it. The success rate might not be as high as other device trackers; you can still give them a chance.

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What is the method to hack a phone?

There are many discussions on the techniques to access a phone but not differentiate between them. There are many methods to do this but two stand out.

  1. Physical Access
  2. Remote Access

Physical Access to spy on a phone

This is the situation that you have access to the user phone. You can touch the device to hack it. There are many spy apps to use when it comes to this type of monitoring device. All you need to do is install a spy app that gives you access to the phone remotely. There are many spy app such as ultimate phone spy, Nova spy app,

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Best Spy App For Android

You might be looking for ways or means to hack into someone’s phone. Maybe it is your partner or a colleague who might be up to something.

Well, you have come to the perfect place. After hours of research and evaluation, we came up with a list of the top four spy apps you can use to hack and spy on android phones. Let’s get a deeper insight into these apps!

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Top 4 Best Spy Apps You Can Use for Androids

Ensure that whichever app you choose has proper data encryption; it is reasonable, easy, and safe to use. Most importantly, it keeps your identity safe, and the target has no clue about your spying activities.

Also, make sure the information you obtain access to is also safe from outsiders. Let’s look into the best spy apps you can use for spying or hacking android phones of close ones or colleagues. Choose the one that fits you the best.

1.     Nova Spy App

A hidden spy app is used to track and spy into someone’s android; Nova Spy lets you spy on WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can also view call logs, deleted call history et cetera.


  • Easy Install on Androids
  • 100% Stealth and double protection
  • Very reasonable subscription rates
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Access to all social media apps, camera, contacts, and GPS
  • Offers free trial demo


  • Not Available for iOS devices

2.     Ultimate Phone Spy

If you look to hack into someone’s phone and spy on them remotely, the Ultimate Phone Spy app will not disappoint you. With their premium technology and software, they will let you spy on real-time messages, calls, social media platforms, et cetera.


  • Backs up all data
  • Good quality customer service provided 24X7
  • Easy to create and install an account
  • Easy dashboard navigation
  • Subscription rates are reasonable
  • Free trial provided
  • Offers a hide option to make the app invisible in your phone as well the target phone.
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Remote control available


  • No information available on cons

3.     1Spy App

If you wish to check your children’s online activities or keep track of what your spouse is up to when you are not around, 1Spy App can be your detective in hand, who will help you gain access to everything on your target device.


  • Reasonable subscription rates
  • Stealth spy services offered
  • You can hide the app on the target device as well as your device
  • Free demo is available
  • Trustworthy application
  • It is encrypted and thus protects data that you gather
  • Keeps your identity hidden from the target


  • Crashes sometimes, especially in phones with low memory

4.     RecomSpy

Confused or curious whether your spouse is cheating on you behind your back? With RecomSpy, spy into your spouse’s phone and social media to figure out what they are up to. With the safest possible system, RecomSpy will help you discover your partner’s secrets.


  • Easy one-time install
  • User friendly and easy to use interface
  • Target has no idea they are being spied on or tracked
  • Free trial round is available
  • Access to all social media accounts, call logs, cameras, and hidden or deleted logs.
  • Gives information about calendar, contacts, SMS, notes, et cetera


  • No information available

How Can You Hack or Spy into Someone’s Android and iOS Device?

You can hack into an Android phone or spy on them in two ways, either by installing a trojan or malware into the target android and then remotely controlling it using your device. At the same time, the second way is to create a shell terminal using an exploit and put admin access into the target device.

You can use remote controlling devices, malware, downloaded apk files to induce viruses into the target device, paid hacker services, or the best way to do so- spy apps. Below is the method to do it.

Send Multiple Spam Messages to Your Target

You can try hacking into someone’s phone by sending multiple spam messages to your target user. Let’s assume that you’re trying to hack your target’s Google account and have already sent a recovery message.

Further, you can message them some spam information, requesting them to reply to the recovery message. As soon as you receive their authentication code, you will easily gain access to their account.

Besides this, you can also make a phishing page and then send the URL to your target to gain access to other credentials. Let’s get more into this phishing technique.

Phishing Technique

The phishing technique is a practice where individuals send fraudulent messages or media. These messages seem like they’re from reputable sources. Using this process, you will steal all the required sensitive data like credit cards and login credentials.

It is one of the easiest techniques to hack a phone without touching your target’s phone. You have to message a link to your target’s phone; the software automatically gets installed on the phone. This download happens moments after your target opens the link.

The spyware downloaded on the target’s phone will collect and give you the data you need. You can use this data to monitor your target’s activities.

Using Stingray Technology

An ISMI catcher or Stingray technology acts as a second tower you can set up near your target. This technology automatically intercepts all data like messages, calls, and other information. You can also set up a tool for intercepting specifically to send ISMI codes to your target’s device for linking.

Although, you must remember that this technology isn’t easily accessible to individuals. It gets reserved for network providers and government agencies. Besides this, setting a stingray can prove to be quite expensive and might be more difficult to implement.

Conduct a Midnight Raid

Most people don’t attend to their phones while sleeping, and this can be the time for you to conduct a raid. When your target is asleep, you can access their phone and unlock it with their biometrics. Then, you can install any tracker or gain access to details of their device.

If you need, you can install a tracker on your target’s phone while they sleep. This way, your target won’t know that you compromised their phone while they were asleep.

Use Your Phone Number

You can use your phone number to hack your phone. It’s one of the easiest and most dependable methods. All you require is a well-reputed application like the Ultimate Phone Spy.

However, the process of getting access to iPhone and Android Devices is different. You need to pick the target’s device specifically. The spyware provides you with a guide on how to do it. The hacking service helps you hack your target’s phone like a professional.

More on the UltimateSpy

The Ultimate Spy is a next-generation phone surveillance application that will let you track your target. You will be able to gain access to their incoming and outgoing phone calls with recording, texts, GPS location, and social media too.

The application is completely undetectable, so you won’t need to worry about getting caught. The android version is easily installable, letting you use it within just five minutes. Additionally, the application is compatible with any android device.

Further, the application also gives you a free three-day trial to understand all its features with leisure.


Now that you know all about how to hack someone’s phone without touching it, it will be a piece of cake for you. However, ensure that you don’t invade someone’s privacy by using these techniques negatively.

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