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Importance of meditation for learners

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“Meditation means the recognition or the discovery of one’s own true self.” – Sri Chinmoy. 

Meditation and mindfulness play a very important role in our lives. It is practice and discipline that provides you a balanced physical as well as mental health. Today’s world is fighting with their inner fears, anxieties, failures, competitions, and many other factors to live the life of their dreams. 

Meditation is very necessary for the youth and students. Self-regulation and self-control will help them to achieve success in their lives. Great qualities such as patience, growth, positivity, and concentration can be gained by practicing meditation.

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Benefits of meditation for learners.

Whether traditional classroom learning or online teaching, meditation and mindfulness should be taught to the students. Let’s discuss the benefits of meditation for learners. 

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1. Better concentration 

Meditation helps students to achieve a better level of concentration and focus. It’s a calming down exercise that helps your mind to focus on the things of importance and stay away from the negative energies and distractions in life. For learning efficiently, focus and concentration are very important. 

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” The very essence of education is the concentration of the mind.” – Swami Vivekananda. 

Practicing meditation helps to increase brain efficiency by which students focus better on their studies. There are lesser chances of distractions and an increase in the ability to focus and direct education. 

2. Less academic stress.

Meditation helps students to attain mental peace. When your mind is stable, you stress less. This is a very beneficial technique to overcome the stress and anxiety issues that many students are facing nowadays. Overthinking and pressure are not beneficial in any way. Avoiding this is very necessary. And meditation is one thing that will make you achieve it. It helps students to focus on their present performance and not stress out the other things. Brain strengthening occurs via this process. This helps students to score well in their academics. Parents and teachers should encourage their children to practice meditation on an everyday basis. 

3. Improving student behavior. 

Meditation is a discipline which when followed, improves the student’s behavior and life. Meditation teaches a person to be calm and kind. It helps the students to stay away from anger and other negative energies surrounding their lives. The learners who face temper issues and dilemmas should surely indulge themselves in the practice of meditation. This way they will develop a positive approach towards life. Also, Compassion and kindness develop inside you. It works for your body to reduce subjective levels of anxiety and stress. This way positivity will surround your existence. 

Teachers should teach online as well as in traditional classrooms, the importance of meditation and how it causes behavioral changes for betterment.  

4. Sharpens memory

Practicing meditation and deep breathing exercises help a person to check and regulate the impulses of the body. It also improves brain functioning. It regulates proper blood flow to the mind and this sharpens the memory of a person. Good memorizing and learning skills are very important for productive education. With sharpened memory, you will be able to remember things for a longer period. This will also save the time of the students which they can utilize on learning other important content. Research says that students who do regular meditation, perform quite well in their studies and education.  The practice of meditation and strengthening memory is surely connected.  

How meditation can be practiced in online classes? 

Today, an online teaching platform is being used by thousands of educators and learners. Along with proper imparting and receiving education, learning this discipline for a balanced and successful life is also very important. No task is impossible to achieve. We have several methods and procedures by which teachers can teach online the process of meditation. Let’s discuss a few of them. 

  • Teaching the right meditation techniques via online live sessions can be done. In this, a teacher can teach the students the proper ways in which meditation needs to be performed. This includes sitting in the right and comfortable posture, eyes closed, focusing on a targeted word, and deep concentration for a particular period. 
  • As we know, in online teaching we can use the facilities offered by the technology. In online classes, we can also show the students the videos of famous meditators who teach the path to introduce peace in our lives. 
  • Teachers should spare five to ten minutes before or after every class for meditating. At this time, they should make sure that students focus and do deep breathing exercises. They can also ask the students to keep their cameras on during this practice every time.
  • Other than this, including mindful activities in the class, can also be done by the teachers and the students. This can include belly breathing exercises, yoga exercises, focus-driven exercises, and much more. 


The above-mentioned techniques explain to us how meditation can be practiced in virtual learning as well. Students should include and make meditation an integral part of their lives. This way they will be able to focus, concentrate better in their studies. Overall academic performance will also become better with the continuous practice of meditation. The feeling of empathy, compassion, and peace will also develop among the students. 

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