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Become a Blackjack Pro: Tricks, Strategies, and Card Counting

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The game of blackjack has been a top choice for gamblers all over the world for many years. Over time, the industry has seen many new variations being created, and as a player at online casinos, you will find access to multiple forms of blackjack. No matter what versions of the game you choose to play, you will have to develop strategies and pick up some tricks to help you become successful. With time, patience, and practice, it is possible to become a blackjack pro and enjoy some of the best payouts online!

Before you start placing your wagers, you will need to make sure you have a complete understanding of the game being played. Each blackjack variation will have different rules in place. It is best to preview these for free and play without placing bets so you can master the rules of each game. You can then use free games to develop strategies to help you once you start placing real money wagers!

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Here, we provide some information on how you can become a blackjack pro and how you can start earning some handsome returns from the classic games featured at online casinos. If you are a blackjack fan and have played casually in the past, you are one step ahead! Read on to learn some great strategies, tips and tricks, and details of card counting, all of which can help enhance gameplay and provide you with an edge over the casino.

Tips and Tricks

If you are looking to increase your chances of winning, these tricks can be used to play blackjack online in the USA. They are not to be used if you are a card counter, but if you are a casual player looking to gain an edge and start winning more hands, these tips will come in handy. Before you try them when playing any real money games at an online casino, we suggest using them in free-play games. This will allow you to make mistakes without losing any money and give you all the time you need to master the tips and employ them in any blackjack game you play.

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Double Down on Hard 11

With this tip, you can always make money when you double down on any hard 11 instead of hitting. There is one exception. If you play any game that uses multiple decks and the rules state that the dealer must stand on a hand of soft 17, you will have a better chance if you choose to hit against any Ace the dealer holds instead of doubling down.

Split 8s and Aces

Always split hands of either of these cards no matter what card the dealer is showing. Many players mistake not splitting 8s when a dealer is holding a 9, 10, or Ace. They do this because they appear to be the underdog. However, by playing two hands, you increase your chances of winning, and both hands will start with an 8. In the long run, you will lose less money by splitting 8s than by hitting your hard 16 hand. Splitting 8s and Aces is the best strategy and will often result in a payout.

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Avoid Splitting 5s and 10s

With a pair of 5s, or a hard 10 hand, you will be better to hit and take one more card instead of splitting the 5s. As for 10s, splitting will improve the chances of getting two blackjacks, but you have a better chance of winning the hand if you keep it as a hard 20.

Never Place Insurance Bets

An insurance bet in blackjack is known as a sucker bet, and you never see a professional player placing an insurance bet at the tables. Your best way to win is always to avoid this bet when the dealer is showing an Ace. Even if you are dealt a good hand like 19 or 20, do not take this bet. The reason is that the insurance bet will pay 2 to 1, which is less than your odds that the dealer will have a blackjack. This is what makes it a sucker bet.

In some casinos, you may find that the term Insurance is not used. Instead, the dealer will offer an even money bet. This is the same thing. When you are holding a blackjack, it can be very tempting to take this bet even before the dealer peeks at their card. However, it is suggested to avoid this. In the long run, you will win more money by refusing the insurance bet or even money payout.

Always Avoid 6 to 5 Games

When blackjack first started being played, and for many years following, the payout for a blackjack has always been 3 to 2. So, if you place a $10 wager and you have a blackjack in your hand, your payout will be $15. However, things have changed, and with many software developers creating new games, you will find some offering 6 to 5 odds instead. With this, that same $10 wager with a blackjack would only win $12. Games with these odds increase the house edge by almost 1.5% when playing a single deck game. When playing games that use multiple decks, the house edge takes a 2% jump. When looking for games and reviewing rules and payouts, always select those that pay 3:2 and avoid those with 6 to 5 odds.

Use Basic Strategy

One of the main benefits of playing blackjack online is that you are free to reference blackjack strategy cards at any time. These cards are not allowed at any table in a land casino, so if you have not yet mastered the basic blackjack strategy, playing online is the perfect chance to do so. You can easily download a free strategy card, and this will tell you exactly how to play any hand that has been dealt. By adhering to this, you can get up your game and start winning more hands at the table. It is suggested to always follow the basic strategy when playing any version of blackjack as this can lower the house edge and provide you with the best chance of winning. To be a blackjack pro, you will want to memorize this card so that you can quickly and easily make the best decisions when playing.

Blackjack Betting Strategies

To become a blackjack pro and ensure you win a much as possible at the tables, you will want to learn all about various betting strategies. These are used by players all over the world and are a great way to manage your budget while improving your chances of earning profits from the blackjack games being played. If you are a real money player and want to play with the best, be sure to find out about these strategies and see how they can help you be a top winner and play with the pros!

Martingale System

This betting system has been used by professional blackjack players since the 17th century. It was developed by French gamblers and is a variation of negative and positive progression betting methods. With the Martingale strategy, your goal is to double wagers whenever you have a losing hand and keep the bet amount the same when you win a hand. This method is often considered risky by many players. It is usually only useful when players have a large bankroll and enough to cover multiple increased wagers.

While a long losing streak can become quite costly when using the Martingale betting strategy, it can be beneficial. Once you hit a winning hand, the amount of your return will cover past losses and provide a small profit. The system is straightforward to use and is a great way to boost profits, especially if you are starting with small wagers.

Let’s look at the Martingale strategy in play. If you bet $1 on the one hand and you win, you will start the next hand with the same $1 bet and will profit $1. If you lose, you will increase the bet amount to be wagering $2 on this hand. If this is a win, you will profit $1 and start over again, with an initial bet of $1. However, if you lose this hand as well, your next bet will be double the amount, so that you will be wagering $4. With a win here, you will profit $1 and will start betting at $1 again. A loss will result in another increase in the bet to $8. The process continues until you win or decide to quit. This system is designed to recoup previous losses.

Flat Betting

Flat betting is a system that is often used by professional players, and it is a great alternative to a standard positive or negative progressions system. With this option, it is easier to understand and is a simple tool for any player to use. With smaller risks than the Martingale system, flat betting is very effective and is a simple way to enjoy more winning hands at the tables. The general idea is to place the same exact bet on every hand that is played until you hit a winning streak.

The most important thing when using this system is to determine your bet amount. You will want to make sure your budget allows for the initial bet as well as any side bets or doubling down that may take place. The goal is to stay in the game for as long as possible, so try to avoid placing high wagers even if your initial budget can afford it.

Most players who use a flat betting system will play a certain number of hands. Players will often opt for 100 hands, but this can be altered based on your budget. When using this method, you will not see instant boosts in profits. It is designed to offer steady bankroll increases. The best thing to do is set a win limit and when you reach that amount, call it a day.

Positive Progression Betting

Many players who want to play for a while and would like to find betting systems that can help recoup losses will want to use a progressive betting system. With this, you will be able to maximize profits if you are able to hit a winning streak. It will also help keep losses to a minimum if you are having some bad luck.

One of the most popular progressive betting systems is the Paroli System. It is a very simple system to use, making it a great choice for beginner players. You will simply set a base bet amount, and this is how much you will wager. Every time you enjoy a winning hand, you will increase that wager by the base bet. When you lose, you will go back to the initial bet amount.

For example, if your bet $10 and you lose, you will bet $10 again. If you happen to win that hand, your next bet will be for $20. If your second hand wins, you will place a third bet at $30, but if that second hand loses, you will revert to a $10 bet. With this system, there are some great chances to earn large profits if you have a streak of luck. For example, if you won 5 hands in a row with your initial stake being $10, your total win amount would be $150.

Negative Progression Betting

When using a negative progression betting system, you will be increasing the amount of your wager after any loss at the table. The goal is to be able to recoup losses once you get a winning hand. This type of system can be very risky and dangerous, especially for those with a limited bankroll. You may even find that you have increased your wager enough to exceed the table maximum. It is possible to lose your entire bankroll after a series of losses, so this betting system is not one that many professional players will use.

For those who want to take the risk, some of the more popular systems being used include the Fibonacci System, Labouchere System, and D’Alembert System. These all work in the same concept of increasing bets in hopes of getting a win that will cover those losses. While there is a great chance of losing a bankroll quickly when using these systems, they are also capable of generating huge profits once you get that winning hand.

All About Card Counting

Card counting is a debated topic when it comes to playing blackjack. Some see it as a form of cheating, while others see it as a skill or strategy. So, what is card counting? It is a math-based strategy that is used to help players determine what the next cards will be. Using this properly can provide a player with a great advantage and help them successfully lower the house edge. The goal is to keep a running count of the high and low cards being used in a single game. This will allow the player to have an educated guess as to what cards remain in the deck.

How Card Counting Works

When using this method, you will want to keep a count that will assign a positive, negative, and zero value to each card in the deck. These point values will correlate to the Effect of Removal, or EOR, which is the estimated effect that will happen when certain cards are removed from play. When a card with a particular value is dealt, the count will be adjusted. Low cards will increase the chances of high cards being present and vice versa. If using a Hi-Lo card counting strategy, you will subtract 1 for every face card and ten and will add 1 for cards between 2 and 6. Any card between 7 and 9 will be valued at zero.

The information received from this will help you understand when to increase or lower wagers. When more low cards are left in the deck, it is usually a bad thing. This means you are less likely to achieve a blackjack on the first two cards.

How to Count Cards

There are three simple steps that players can use to effectively count cards and gain an advantage at the table. These steps are not difficult, but it will take time and patience to master the technique. By playing online free blackjack games, you can practice card counting until you have it down and are able to confidently apply it when playing real money games.

  1. Each card will be assigned a value based on the plus and minus count. Cards that are 2-6 will be +1, 7, 8, and 9 will be 0, and cards from 10 through Ace will be -1.
  2. Counting will always start at 0. You will then add or subtract the value as each card at the table is dealt. So if a King, Jack, 3, 7, 5, 2, and 5 are dealt, the count will be +2. The card that is held by the dealer that is face down will not count until it is revealed.
  3. This process of counting will continue as cards are dealt when players hit or double. Your betting decision can alter based on the current count. As a rule, you will want to boost wagers when the count is negative and lower the bet if there is a positive count.

Card Counting Prevention

Many casinos, whether land-based or online, will take measures to prevent players from being able to count cards. Some casinos will see this as a form of cheating, so they will do everything possible to prevent it from happening. You will find that most online sites will use measures that will reduce your ability to count cards effectively, so this is not always a strategy that can be used when mastering the game and looking to be a blackjack pro. Here are some of the things that are done to reduce the chances of card counting.

  • Multiple Decks in Use – Card counting is significantly more difficult when playing with multiple decks of cards. It is quite simple when playing a single-deck various of the game, but when faced with games that use 6 or 8 decks, it can be almost impossible. Most casinos will use software that has blackjack games using multiple decks for this reason.
  • Shuffling Machines – A continuous shuffling machine will prevent any forms of card counting. Basically, all cards, no matter how many decks are being used, will be shuffled after every hand. This prevents players from being able to track what cards have been in play and which will remain in the decks.


If you are a fan of the classic blackjack game and want to play like the pro, these tips and strategies can be quite useful. For those just starting to use a game strategy, it is best to test it out while playing free games online. You can play for as long as you like and will not have any risk of losing money. This is a great way to master strategies and become familiar with betting systems before placing any wagers.

Mastering the blackjack game will take time and patience, but we have provided you with some great tools that can help. If you take your time to learn these skills and tricks, you can play with the pros and start earning some great payouts at the tables! You will even be able to capitalize on top payouts from live dealer games if you can become a good card counter!

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