Nigerian ed-tech startup Semicolon Africa secures $1.2m seed funding for expansion.


Semicolon Africa, a Nigerian ed-tech startup, training software engineers and techpreneurs to create jobs and economic opportunities,has secured a $1.2 million seed round of funding.

Angels and VCs such as Launch Africa Ventures and Consonance Investment Managers participated in the oversubscribed round.

Sam Immanuel, a software engineer who is passionate about people and economic development, founded Semicolon Africa in 2019. “Everyone does not need to become a software engineer,” he says, “but everyone does need to learn how to tech-enable their business in any industry,” because technology is a key enabler in solving Africa’s many challenges.

In a joint report disclosed in 2020, Google and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) reported that Africa had only 690,000 professional developers, with the top training paths being self-taught and university programs. This amount represents 0.2% of the continent’s 1.3 billion population. The research emphasizes the importance of developing more tech talent in order to build the ecosystem that has the potential to alter Africa’s history.

Semi Colon’s mission is to inspire a new generation of engineering talent to solve challenges in Africa and globally by encouraging them to focus on talent, technology, and innovation.

Semicolon admits tens  of young, driven youths each year, most of whom are complete newbies with a diverse range of backgrounds, to embark on a one-year software engineering journey. SemiColon Africa has taught about 300 people so far, with many of them already working as techpreneurs and developing innovative solutions in their paid jobs.

Semicolon will utilize the funds to expand its training, talent management, and project delivery capability. Semicolon currently provides the necessary support that techpreneurs require to turn their startup ideas into thriving enterprises. Early business support, product development, advisory, and training are all included. As a result, the company is refocusing on Semicolon Ventures, a division of the business that has already birthed 20 new startups from its students.

Semicolon is a strategic partner to companies seeking to digitally alter their operations, in addition to training software engineers and techpreneurs. Corporate training, project delivery, and project outsourcing are just a few of the services they provide through Semicolon Labs.

Semicolon Africa seeks to become Africa’s largest technology capacitydevelopment hub, with plans to empower and deploy  thousands of skilled software engineers annually.