Shell rebrands NewMotion and Greenlots EV charging solutions to Recharge.


Shell, the global petroleum giant acquired a Dutch company called NewMotion in 2017 and also a US based, Greenlots, electric vehicle charging stations company in 2019. Today, both acquisitions will be rebranded as Shell Recharge.

NewMotion focused on home charging solutions and roaming services and Greenlots specialized in charging networks across Europe and fleet services, now Shell wants to consolidate all these offerings into their EV solutions branch, Recharge.

Customers should expect to find NewMotion’s hardware and software for homes and businesses with the Shell Recharge branding, same case with Greenlots stations.

“Our aim will be to offer a future-proof one-stop-shop for organisations of any size to build out the infrastructure they need to drive EV adoption forwards,” said NewMotion CEO, Melanie Lane, in a statement on the company’s website.

“It’s a move which reflects the need to pool the best of our innovations and talents, create a globally-recognised platform for EV charging, and translate the lessons learned in more mature markets to those where the journey to electric mobility is just beginning.”

NewMotion CEO, Mel Lane, stated that there are currently approximately 10 million electric vehicles out there, however, with most countries targeting to have only zero combustion automobiles on their roads come 2030, there is an anticipated surge which will lead to over 125 million plug in electric cars globally. To meet this demand, Shell olans on having 500,000 charging stations by 2025. At the moment, the petroleum giant installs a new charge point every 20 minutes and operates over 80,000 of them.

“This massive scale up demands an end-to-end approach to charging infrastructure to meet the driver needs,” said Mel Lane. “By making charging simpler and investing in smart technologies, we will help enable the mass adoption of EVs and to drive towards a low-carbon world.”