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Apple is working on 3 nm Silicon processors with up to 40 cores

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The latest information on the web points out that the following Apple Silicon processors might be carved in 3 nm. If the ones in 2022 are likely to be comparable to those in use now, 2023 will be a year of substantial change for Apple’s CPU lineup. At the moment, the information leaked indicates that CPUs carved in 5 nm will be available in 2022. This line of chips, undoubtedly dubbed Apple M2 – to follow the present M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max CPUs found in the newest MacBooks and iMacs – would, however, be entitled to a significant upgrade.

Apple has commissioned TSMC to build its different CPUs, and the business has devised a new manufacturing method that decreases consumption by 10% while increasing power by 5%, without including Apple’s upgrades. The identical M1 from 2021 made in this new approach would already be more durable; be cautious. Apple has not intended to employ this technology on the M1s. Thus this is only a basic illustration. When you combine this with the possibility of chips with two dies or bi-processors with twice the amount of cores, it’s clear that Apple isn’t done with the sheer power of its devices.

If 2023 still seems a long way off, Apple may use the time it has to produce 3 nm CPUs with TSMC. This approach would conserve considerably more energy and improve power; the number of dies would also grow to four, enabling some computers to handle as many as 40 cores.

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Ibiza, Lobos, and Palma are the code names for three separate fleas that have been detected. The first would be more low-end, appropriate for a MacBook Air or perhaps an iPad, while the other two would be suited for Apple’s desktop computers, the MacBook Pro (Lobos) and Mac Pro (Palma). The one with 40 cores would be the last option. Along with all of these wild speculations, Apple may also offer a new Mac Pro in 2022, using an Intel Xeon W-3300 CPU.

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