Google disputes that a Pixelbook 2 with a Tensor chip would be released in 2022


A Pixelbook backed by an ARM Tensor processor, due out in 2022, to compete with MacBooks using SoC M1 and its variants: the fantasy will be short-lived. According to a report from September last year, Google is working on a Pixelbook 2 with a Tensor chip, similar to the Pixel 6. There was even a discussion of a Pixelbook Pro. For the next year, the Mountain View corporation claims it has no such intentions.

Chrys Tsolaki, a Google spokesperson, invited to a Qualcomm press event in London, provided the information. When questioned about the likelihood of announcing one or more new Pixelbooks in 2022, she said that nothing was planned for that year and that she didn’t know what the future held.

These remarks do not comfort us about the range’s prospects, but the prospect of Google machines entering the laptop market with their ARM processor to compete with Apple MacBooks was enough to pique our interest. It’s always possible to hope that this denial is a strategy to keep the surprise alive and allow the engineers to work in peace.