iOS 16 has an innovative notion that intends to change the way iPhones function


It is only two months since the iOS 15 was formally presented; hence, many will think, “Is it too early to start speculating about the iOS 16”.Yes, you are right if you are the one, but how can we ignore this news from Italy where an individual wants to bring a concept that has not to been touched by the Cupertino firm yet.

Andrea Copellino, an Italian designer, is now doing so with his slightly insane plan for iOS 16. The home screen, control center, and multitasking, in particular, have made it possible for him. If Apple follows the design lead, this will be a significant shift for events for the firm.

The first thing that comes to mind is the home screen; the upper portion of the layout is inspired by Android, with a central clock widget and a search bar dominating. The magic happens beneath the surface such that  Instead of swiping horizontally over multiple pages as is customary, you scroll vertically between the apps, making them feel “endless. But what is the point of all this? Here is what Andrea pointed out.

“This new home screen is a vertical list. The layout improves the user experience, as the icons can be reached from a lower, more accessible screen surface. “

Multitasking is also an intriguing concept, especially when merged with the control center. The latter takes up the lower half of the screen and can be horizontally scrolled. As a result, all pieces are easily accessible with one hand, and finger dislocations are no longer an issue. The app maps have been decreased in size, but they are still accessible. They’re now concentrating more on the apps or the linked icon rather than the substance of the cards. This brings the multitasking interface closer to the Mac’s Command + Tab method for quick and efficient program switching. We usually have a good idea of which app we want to use