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Apple is in the grip of the chip crisis; delivery scenario is taking longer than intended

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The worldwide chip shortage is undoubtedly one of the factors that are giving the Cupertino firm headaches. As a result of the firm has faced production issues, thus wasting time and income at the same time. However, as a new analysis points out, a solution is still a long way off, at least after the second half of 2022.

This implies that buyers can anticipate delivery delays and long wait periods when purchasing new tech products from Apple. As a result, you should place your order ahead of time and forget about any last-minute purchases. Prices will not decline until next year, will stay flat in the event of uncertainty, or may even climb far as limited supply is weighed in. This year alone, Apple has a reason to smile more extensively, especially after reclaiming its second position in selling smartphones in 2021, which Xiaomi had taken.

Is the future promising for its iPhone 13s

As much as the slowdown in iPhone manufacturing, Apple is confident in its own capacity to deliver the smartphone to you before New Year’s Eve. For example, if you order the iPhone 13 by December 22 at the latest, they pledge to dispatch it in a timely way. All of this is because the iPhone 13 Pro, for example, will now have to wait at least another month. The same still applies to the iPad and MacBook Pro. It’s best to buy these products from the Apple Online Store in November, or at the absolute least by the beginning of December if you want them delivered on time.

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