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Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Decentralization and the Different Societal Nuances:

by James Musoba
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Humankind has this tendency of trying to connect everything to society. This world is primarily affected by the pandemic COVID-19, and has seen a constant increase in the development of Blockchain Technology.

We all know that Blockchain Technology is the talk of the town. A word that people often associate with Blockchain Technology is Decentralisation. Now, what exactly is that? Is that something that is very out of the ordinary, that needs bombastic definitions? Not. In this blog, we will discuss the different nuances of Decentralisation and its link with society. Without further speculations, let us get to it right away!

What is Decentralization?

While we hear about Decentralisation everywhere, do we take out a moment to wonder about what it means? Decentralization essentially facilitates the even distribution of tasks, strength, and capacity. This distribution always happens as opposed to the centre, or what we, in simpler terms, call the authority. We are not here to say that it is the best thing ever. However, we acknowledge that the scheme has its nuanced benefits. When we go into the benefits that Decentralisation offers, we must remember that it enables us to gain a greater degree of control over our everyday lives.

Where Did It Come From? 

Let’s take a look at the history. We will know that at the very core of human society exists “the existence of the anti-authoritarian, independent, self-regulating local community.” We have had a very natural propensity towards defying the centre and expanding ourselves way beyond. This expansion generally takes cognizance of exploration and the convenience that comes with new-knowing.

While Decentralisation remains under scrutiny in different parts of the world, who would ever want to deny that the greatest of things have often emerged out of defiance to the centre? The decentralization scheme in Blockchain Technology has also evolved from the same notion. With the help of Blockchain Technology, people enjoy a certain degree of autonomy which they have hoped for since forever. With time, it has overcome all conflicts, only to bloom further!

How Does Decentralisation Directly Affect Society?

No one is unaware that blockchain technology helps us maintain the original spirit of society. It is in complete harmony with the intention with which the Internet was introduced in the market. It does not believe in undue mediation but promotes the primordial spirit of the Web.

Historically, we have seen that it is crucial to combat the central force. This fighting is essential to not succumb to an unnecessary hierarchical structure.

With the help of Blockchain Technology, it is possible to maintain as much transparency while not feeling like a slave to a giant system.

What Does The Blockchain Technology Do, and Where Does Decentralisation Figure In? 

In this section of the blog, we will take a brief look at how Blockchain Technology contributes to society and the attributes of Decentralisation. Without stretching it any far, let us get to it straight:

  • Blockchain Technology enables us to get rid of the mediation that we do not need.
  • It helps investors feel that they have a certain degree of autonomy and be more involved in the process. For more information, have a look at the bitcoin era system !
  • It reduces the expenditure associated with investing.
  • It helps to create a transparent, hassle-free platform concerning monetary transactions.

However, we would also like to remind you that the Government has several concerns regarding it due to the absence of mediation. If you’re planning to delve deeper into the Blockchain Technology market, we recommend doing prior research to avoid mishaps.

We are sure that you are already aware of the fraudulent cases, especially in the Cryptocurrency market. Why not be aware, then be sorry?

After all, it is the awareness that helps us build a secure society.


In this blog, we tried to give you a general picture of Blockchain Technology, its evolution, and how Decentralisation is intrinsically tied with it. We genuinely hope that this blog helped to develop a nuanced understanding regarding the same. We wish you the very best!

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