How to Easily Find Raw Resources in the New World


An online MMORPG called New World provides massively multiplayer gameplay, which Amazon Games developed. 

The game was released on September 28, 2021, but the previous release dates were May 2020 and August 2021, but the release was delayed due to a reason. It contains A virtual land modeled on the Americas colonized by players during the mid-seventeenth century. 

New World’s business model is different from other MMORPGs since it is buy-to-play instead of subscription-based so that players can purchase skins through microtransactions. 

 The following article will show you where you can find raw resources in the New World.

  1. Track Resources

It is necessary to unlock the skill before you can start tracking resources. There are many resources you can track depending on your craft. For example, mining is a resource you can track. 

You will be able to find nearby silver nodes after a certain number of points earned. The trick is that your computer does this automatically, and you are unaware you are doing it.

Your compass will show you rock if you look up while you are near some silver. During the New World, you track resources this way. Your compass will appear on your screen when you get close enough to a resource that you can track. 

It’s the same with iron; for example, it turns silver into gold, etc. Additionally, tracking of plants, wood, food kinds of stuff, and fish is required. You will be able to track more things at once if you have a higher level of skill.

As far as I can tell, there is only one downside: it is not possible to change the tracking settings. Iron ore appears on the compass the same as silver ore, so you can’t tell what it is until you have been on it.

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Follow Radar Indication

Radar indication will help you a lot in the New World for gathering resources. Using this method is the best way to accomplish that. Choose the Gathering Trade Skill you want to learn in the Character Menu. 

Once this is done, you can check what skill level you need to track for your desired resource. You can check any skill level with this tracking system. Gathering Trade Skill levels must be raised to find the resource you are seeking. 

The resource will appear on the map once your Gathering Trade Skill level reaches the required level. If you approach the area with it present, you will see it on your radar. On our maps, you’ll see where a particular resource is found, so you can go there and follow the radar guidance.

  1. Gather Raw Materials

Gathering raw materials from the open world is the first step of the crafting process in the New World. In this category, you will find things like wood, stone, meat, and so on.

Many materials in this category require tools for harvesting. You can make several of these tools from wood and flint, which you can find around small bushes. When you gather materials, the gathering skill you’re using at the time awards you experience points. 

Developing these skills will improve the speed with which you gather materials of the same type in the future. Some advanced raw materials are only accessible by users with high levels of these skills, so you must level them up. The section on your world map titled Resource Locations is where you can locate specific materials.

2. Crafting Process

Once you have gathered raw materials, crafters move on to the next step. This crafting process involves the refinement of the raw materials so that you can use them for crafting. 

In settlements, you can find refinery stations where you can perform this process. It also depends on what kind of material you’re refining and what type of refinery station you utilize. Raw materials require refining skills that correspond to the type of material you are working with. 

You’ll gain XP for your refining skills when you refine raw materials. Your raw materials will become more advanced as your skills increase, thereby allowing you to refine them into more advanced components.

3. Creating Gear

Utilizing your refined materials in the final crafting step allows you to create an item that can be used or equipped. Settlement workers at their workstations perform this step. 

It would be best if you use a crafting station instead of a refining station. Whenever you earn XP for a new item, it is attributed to the skill you use to create it. The higher the skill levels, the more powerful the items you will be able to create. 

Some gear can even boost your character’s Constitution attribute. Increasing the character’s strength will make it easier for you to fight various enemies. 

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