You can now fly using virtual reality controls in Microsoft Flight Simulator


Flight Simulator will support a few appropriate virtual reality flying pieces of equipment over a year after the Game’s compatibility with virtual reality headsets was announced. The functionality was just added to Microsoft’s flight simulator game as part of the Game of the Year update, accessible since last week, mainly via Xbox Game Pass.

Some of the cool features that came with the upgrade include tutorials, Modern Airports/Runaways, Additional material, support for VR controllers. After introducing the VR edition and compatibility with virtual reality headsets toward the end of 2020, a much-sought feature by the gaming community of this unique flight simulator.

It is now possible to utilize the headset controllers to traverse menus and interact directly in your virtual cockpit, navigate to handles while adjusting your settings with the headset controls

While the support for VR controllers is welcome, it does come with certain limitations. Only one controller may be used at a time, and these new controls are not currently compatible with all aircraft.