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Features and benefits of sidewalk advertising

As practice shows, sidewalk advertising really helps the development of roadside business. It allows you to increase the number of clients. Potential consumers of goods or services see this advertisement the moment they pass or drive by. If they are interested in what is being reported, they make a positive decision for the advertised business.

Constructive options should be considered a feature of sidewalk advertising. These are often light signs that have an A-shaped design. They are usually called a frame signs. Options with a metal frame and plastic cardboard inserts are in demand. This is the most budget option. The costs of making such a sign are very low, and the result is very good in terms of efficiency as an advertising tool.

A-shaped signs can be one-sided or double-sided. They are versatile because they can be ordered by owners of different businesses. They can be ordered to advertise store offers. They are great for promoting a restaurant business. They are also chosen by realtors who need to inform the public that the houses are for sale. Such signs can serve as a kind of signposts. They help potential clients navigate.

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A-shaped signs are folding structures. They can be folded if necessary, removed from the installation site or moved to another location. Signboards are different in size. The choice of size depends on many factors. In particular, the size depends on the amount of information that the advertiser wants to place.

Important advantages of folding sidewalk advertising

Since sandwich boards are easy to move from place to place, they can rightfully be called mobile. Mobility is an important advantage. Let’s take an example – the activities of a realtor. This particular house is for sale. An A-shaped sign is placed next to it, which informs that the property is for sale. After the house has been sold, the realtor removes the sign. But he also has more than one house for sale. He can reuse an already used sign for its intended purpose. He puts it near another house. And the advertising structure again begins to fulfill its function – to indicate the real estate that is being sold.

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These signs are inexpensive when compared to other outdoor advertising options. They do not require special fixation or complex installation. This can be easily handled by one person. Installing or removing a structure – no problem. Accordingly, installation costs are eliminated.

The cost price of the material used for the manufacture of folding sidewalk advertising is the main reason for the formation of the price of the finished product. So, the option with a metal frame is cheap. Structures made of aluminum composite panels or thick plastic are more expensive.

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