Apple Wallet will not keep track of your secret ID until 2022


Early this year, Apple had stated that users would save their identity in Wallet before the beginning of a new year. The service won’t be accessible until the following, though. Apple has reaffirmed its willingness to allow iPhone users(in the United States) to keep their identity papers in Wallet for a few weeks now.

One will soon be able to integrate one’s identification card and driver’s license, just like how you can connect your bank card into Wallet. To keep your ID and driver’s license in Apple Wallet, you’ll need to go through a series of security checks, including a photo and facial recognition.

The Transportation Security Authority will notably establish new checkpoints at which it will be sufficient to attach a digital version of one’s identity document to confirm passage. After a final check using Touch ID, the data is sent. Apple claims that a Wallet is more convenient than a traditional wallet, but it is also more secure. When this function is implemented remains to be seen. So, see you in 2022.