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How to Create a Signature for PDF Documents Quickly and Easily

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PDF (Portable Document Format) documents are important for sharing legal and private information in the business. The main purpose of a PDF document is that you can easily share it with other devices. Also, you can convert your PPT, Word, and Excel documents into PDF documents by using your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

To protect the originality of the document or keep it safe from modification, you need to use electronic signatures. Electronically signing on the document shows that the document is approved and nobody can change the content. If you have to sign multiple documents, you can do it quickly in a short time.

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OnlineSignature: The Best Online Option to Create Signatures

OnlineSignature is a tool just like an electronic signature that can be used for creating customized signatures. OnlineSignature is free, easy to use, and signed quickly, so if you can make your signature in less time.  It is a very secure website because it does not store your signatures and other data, so you can use it without worrying. OnlineSignature has three main features; Signature generators, Email signature templates, and Email signature generators.

In signature generators, you should create the signatures by drawing and typing. You can change font size, font style, color, and background according to your requirements, so it looks more attractive. Another feature is an email signature template in which you can create an email signature that presents at the end of your text in the mail. 

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The important information such as name, your business contact number, company address, and website URL is written on email signature that is very effective for the business. Moreover, an email signature generator allows you to create your email signature for free. You need to add your information; then, you will manage the font and color.

How To Create a Type Signature with OnlineSignature

Step 1: Visit the OnlineSignature website

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To create a type signature, you must visit the OnlineSignature website. You do not need to download any application for this purpose. Moreover, this site is elementary and creates your signature immediately.

Step 2: Enter your Name

You need to use the keyboard to enter your name in the “Type Your Name Here” tab to create the signature.

Step 3: Edit and Save

The next step is editing the signature. For that, the OnlineSignature tool provides you options to change font styles, font sizes, color, and background. You have to click on each of them and style your signature according to your business requirements.  Now click on “Save” to save your signature.

How to Draw a Signature with OnlineSignature

Step 1: Access the OnlineSignature Draw Tool

First, you have to access the OnlineSignature tool and click on “Draw Signature” to draw your signature as you want.

Step 2: Draw your SSignature

In this step, you need to draw your signature properly to use a mouse or touchpad on your laptop. If you want to change the signature color, different colors are available in “Draw Signature.”

Step 3: Export your Handwritten Signature

Once you finalize your handwritten signature, you have to export your signature by clicking on “Save.”

Why Should Businesses Prefer Using Electronic Signatures?

Electronic signatures have many advantages; that’s why many business people prefer using electronic signatures in their documents.

  • Simple & Easy To Use

The main benefit of using electronic signatures is that they are effortless to use. In this process, you need to open the specific document, choose signers, and send a link to the receivers. Then, receivers open the link and sign your document, and the electronic signature process is completed.

Additionally, the other reason that makes electronic draw signatures more convenient is remote verification, so you do not need any mailing or printing of the document.

  • Cost-Efficient

Electronic signatures are cost-efficient because you do not need to buy a pen and paper. Also, it saves the money that you spend while sending the papers through postage. Electronic signatures reduce human error that can prevent you from big problems. In short, it is the cheapest method that you can use in your business.

  • Enhanced Contract Speed

In this era, we need to deal with customers present in different cities, even in different countries. Therefore, sending papers can be a very time-consuming process. For that, electronic signatures are used that can speed up the process and also save time to do other work.

Electronic signatures enhance the contract speed because you do not need to send a document to one receiver, print the document, sign it and then send it to another receiver who does the same process. It takes a lot of time to complete all the signing processes. Instead, you have to use electronic signatures that can do this process quickly in less time.

  • Secure

Security is another benefit of using electronic signatures. So, when you talk about security, electronic signatures are safer than paper signatures. The reason behind it is that the software used in the electronic signature can detect even minor changes in the document.

It also provides you with all the information including, who signed the documents, the place where they signed the document, and the exact time when they signed your document. Electronic signatures encrypt the document to avoid; therefore, nobody will change the document after signing.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, electronic signatures help you in your business. It reduces human error, detects the changes in the document, is easy to use, and is very simple so that every person in a business can use it. Due to the advantages of electronic signatures, people prefer to use electronic signatures instead of using physical signatures. If you are using a signature with a pen, you need to change your method and switch it to an electronic signature.

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