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Apple continues to develop a multi-device charger despite the shortage

by Joseph Richard
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Apple’s AirPower project was abandoned two years ago since its inception in 2017. The manufacturer still wants to prove what they are doing; still, Apple is reported by Mark Gurman to be working on a multi-device charger based on the ashes of the AirPower fire.

 Thanks to this device, Apple hoped to allow us to charge our iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods with a single wireless charger. Some can argue that the modern MagSafe Duo charger is the successor of this charger. But, according to Mark, this is not the case as he confidently believes that Apple is still working on some multi-device charger and wants to commercialize it one day.

Even more fascinating is that Apple is considering incorporating reverse charging technology into its products, especially Airpower. But is it possible to charge your iPhone in reverse, and if so, will it work on the Airpower gadget?

Well, the established Bloomberg writer argues:

“Apple is working on short- and long-distance wireless charging, and imagines a future in which all of its gadgets can charge each other,”

Mark Gurman

We expected to see the reverse charging technology on the iPhone 13 years this, but our expectations were indeed cut short. This might still be possible in the future since individuals with Galaxy S21 can inductively charge their Galaxy Buds by simply placing them on the phone’s back. Of course, we both have to exercise some patience here since iPhones are among the slowest to charge cellphones

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