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ShapShap, a Nigerian logistics platform raises funding from GreenTec

by Betty Mrunde
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ShapShap, a Nigerian logistics platform focusing on deliveries in Africa’s fragmented logistics market, has raised funds from GreenTec to aid in its expansion across Nigeria.

ShapShap has developed an all-in-one platform connecting customers, drivers, and merchants and is currently facilitating last-mile deliveries in Abuja and Lagos Nigeria. Under the terms of the agreement, GreenTec will support ShapShap through our Venture Building model.

“ShapShap’s innovative approach to delivery and last-mile logistics has great potential to unlock vast opportunities in Nigeria and Africa’s enormous informal services and business markets. The platform’s features enable offering their services to a wide range of businesses that can benefit from an efficient and scalable logistics partner” said Erick Yong, GreenTec Capital CEO.

ShapShap is currently active in Lagos and Abuja fulfilling logistics, food delivery, and retail deliveries. The company has already processed more than 30,000 orders for more than 4,000 users and is working with more than 100 vendors.

The growing urbanization of Africa is directly contributing to a surge in demand for logistics services. As more people crowd into Africa’s cities the need for efficient and scalable solutions to connect customers to services, food, and retail outlets is always growing. ShapShap addresses this demand with its solution:  an all-in-one platform designed to take the pain points out of delivery logistics for all stakeholders. The platform provides ShapShap with B2B and B2C channels, enabling merchants to easily offer customers convenient delivery options; customers can find a range of services and products, and delivery personnel can easily earn money servicing multiple vendors. ShapShap’s solutions are a boon not just for established business, but also for Nigeria and Africa’s large informal business segment providing an easy way to reach more customers.

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