Monday, August 8, 2022
Monday, August 8, 2022
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Google Play will bring Android games to Windows 10 and 11 next year

by Joseph Richard
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Android games will soon be playable on Windows 10 and 11, thanks to Google Play Games for PC.Google used the Game Awards to reveal that Google Play Games will be available on PC in a Windows program.

It will allow Android gamers to play their mobile games on their Windows PC and switch between platforms without losing progress.

The app was also launched for Windows 10, implying that Google will not use the Windows Subsystem for Android, which is only accessible for Windows 11 and for which Microsoft has teamed up with Amazon and its app store.

At present, Google has released very little information about how their service works. Greg Hartrell told The Verge that it would be “a native Windows application delivered by Google” at most and that the games would be played locally rather than via cloud streaming.

There are already a few services that compete for Android apps and games on the PC. BlueStacks continues its efforts to make games available to as many people as possible on Android, in addition to the Amazon Appstore integration with Windows 11. We bet more about this will be revealed in 2022

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