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Is it possible to earn by playing at internet casinos?

There are many articles on the Internet on how to beat online casinos at roulette, poker, slots and so on. Among these articles are found as deliberately false setups, praising the allegedly existing holes and bugs in the online casino scripts, and designed to attract future losers in the projects. So, we decided to pay a little attention to this topic and try to figure out if you can systematically earn money by playing at a quality casino.

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Casino owners are not fools!

First of all, we should start from the fact that any online casino admin is not a fool and would not let that easy to beat himself, let alone allow bugs and holes in casino scripts. In fact, all the successful online casinos are working on individual unique scripts, for which they give a lot of money, and there just can’t be any bugs in the software code. Even if some bugs occurred, any administrator would eliminate them on the same day, because he loses money from this, and the money is big enough to act fast.

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Thus, we conclude that you can win at online casinos only “honestly”. But let’s investigate further. All online casinos run on scripts designed in such a way that users will always withdraw less money than they deposit. As a rule, the ratio of withdrawn money to deposited money is around 75%-85%. No strategy such as doubling rates, probability theory and other schemes that work more or less in real casinos, here do not work. Yes, you still can win at the internet casino, you can win at the one-armed bandit game or roulette, or any other gambling game. But talking about the big picture: in a long run you always lose more than you win.

So, how to beat the casino?

By this part of the article, we have the following layout: we are not allowed to win and withdraw more than we put in. So how can we win? And now we, having started out a bit pessimistic, will probably surprise you. Winning at online gambling is more than possible. But how exactly? It’s possible to win systematically only where a person is either playing with a person, or the control of honesty is absolutely undeniable. This applies to sports betting as well. It is unlikely that the result of a basketball game would be different just because you bet on a certain team to win. As for PvP games, i.e. between live people, a poker tournament would be a perfect example.

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Experts recommend playing only in proven casinos with a good reputation, otherwise you risk not to get the money you’ve won. If you want to learn more about the leaders among quality casinos you should check Toponlinecasinoaustralia site.


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