iOS 15.3: the iPhone update’s advancements are still minimal

There isn't anything new in iOS 15.3 yet


Just a few days ago, the Cupertino manufacturer released the iOS 15.2, yet again Apple has another big announcement for its OS users and developers with the launch of iOS 15.3(first beta test)

The iOS 15.3, which is a significant update of the iOS 15.2, promises many novelties. For example, the app data security report. The first beta of this variant can be accessed readily by iOS developers as well as iPadOS 15.3

How different is iOS 15.3 from iOS 15.2

 There is nothing new with this variant because, at the moment, it’s complicated to bring out what is included in the upgrade. 9to5Mac noted notable changes related to Siri Apps and a few changes in the Apple applications, e.g. News. Generally, iOS 15.3 intends to fix some of the flaws noted in the 15.2 variant and improve on its fluidity

On the other hand, the manufacturer still has a lot to spill out to the larger masses to support ID cards in Apple’s wallet and the universal control between Macs and the iPads.The release of the iOS 15.3 would be yes in 2022, but in between January and April as per the concealed build name “winter 2022.”