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How are online casino games altering in 2022?

The online casino industry is particularly competitive and expected to grow in 2022. The competition requires game developers and providers to try to be one step ahead of the competition and look for that winning edge that will increase their market share. With that in mind, let’s see what online casinos will be doing in 2022 to ensure more people are attracted to their site rather than the competition. 

More Live Dealers

People crave an immersive experience when playing table games at an online casino. The shift towards addressing this can be seen at the live casino from Betfair, as well as other examples, as there are a huge variety of games available with live dealers. The traditional table casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are there with live dealers, but casinos are also offering a live game show experience that will appeal to those that are unfamiliar with casino gambling. 
The live dealer element simply makes the experience more personable and the chat function makes things practical and social. The strategically placed cameras capture all of the action and make everything easier for the player to understand what is going on and what is required of them.

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More tie-ins

People enjoy movies and TV shows, therefore creating a casino game that uses the characters, sound effects, soundtrack, and plot of a popular product can be alluring to many people and is particularly effective at attracting people that commonly don’t play casino games. If you scroll through the slots available from any of the online casinos you’ll likely notice a few blockbuster movie tie-ins, but also some unexpected titles. Game developers Microgaming have the obvious and extremely profitable titles with officially licensed slots based on Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, and Game of Thrones. Whereas, developers Blueprint Gaming has aimed for a more niche market with slots created around the movie comedies Ted and Sausage Party.

Game shows are also a pull with Playtech releasing Who Wants to be a Millionaire Live Roulette and Evolution creating a unique game based on the previously popular Deal Or No Deal game show. In the past, casino games used to piggyback on the success of titles in popular culture by including elements from them such as pirates, dragons, or anything else that was popular at the time within their games. That still exists, but to have the officially licensed game for a mammoth movie or TV show is a major draw. 

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More Slots 

Slots have come a long way in their short time online, yet it is still the area in which we will see the most evolution. Although hundreds of titles are already available, many more new titles are being developed and the developers are focusing on creating distinctive gaming experiences, with next-level gameplay and ever-improving graphics.

As technologies become more advanced slot games are beginning to include popular elements of video games that will attract the next generation of gamblers and make casino slots a more recognized genre of gaming. The industry has recognized that the collective global attention span is narrowing and people prefer to focus on things for short periods on their mobile devices. Online slots are perfectly attuned to capitalize on this trend and with increasingly generous promotions, they have become the key factor in enticing new players.

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There have been several technological improvements that have helped casino game developers and casino gaming has never been more convenient, but the industry is looking to expand. Let’s see what online casinos will be doing in 2022 to ensure more people are attracted to their site rather than the competition. 2022 promises to be a bumper year and there will be many other margins to exploit in what is an exciting period for the industry.

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James Musoba
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