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Apple Is Said to be working on its Foldable iPhones, but it remains unconvinced.


Apple would test various iPhone prototypes with flexible screens, but they are still unconvinced. If the many speculations circulating are accurate, Apple will be working on a foldable iPhone.

According to a series of tweets released by the leakster @dylandkt, Apple has supposedly already created many prototypes of iPhones with foldable screens, which are now being tested. However, probably, we won’t see such a gadget on the market for a long time.

The Cupertino company isn’t sure whether the foldable screen smartphone craze will persist or if it will ultimately cease being “cool,” similar to how smartphones with 3D displays that don’t need glasses fell out of favor and vanished from the market.

Apple also wants to make sure that if it does embrace a new form factor, in this instance, a smartphone with a foldable screen, there would be no “regressions” compared to the present form factor, according to the tweet.