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How to Unlock the iPhone and iPad’s Hidden Trackpad.

by Yvone Kendi
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Apple usually does a good job of emphasizing all of the major features of the iPhone and iPad, but there are always smaller but useful features that slip through the cracks, such as the hidden trackpad that lives within your iOS keyboard.

How to Unlock the Hidden Trackpad on iPhone and iPad

Here’s how to find the iOS trackpad’s hidden location.

  • Bring up your keyboard and press your finger down on the space key until the keyboard goes blank anywhere you’ve written a block of text.
  • You should get some haptic feedback and see the cursor enlarge for a second, indicating that you can now use the keyboard as a trackpad.
  • Move your cursor around the entire keyboard while keeping your finger pressed down, just like you would on your Mac’s trackpad.
  • Simply lift your finger off the screen to place the cursor. Then, using any of the other keys, such as delete, you can make any changes to the text. To bring up the hidden trackpad and move the cursor again, press your finger down on the space key.

To see the hidden feature in action, watch the video here.

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