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Egyptian ed-tech startup Orcas raises $2.1m pre-Series A funding as it prepares to expand to Pakistan.


Orcas, an Egyptian ed-tech startup, has raised a pre-Series A funding round of $2.1 million as it plans to expand into Pakistan in the coming months.

CIRA’s NFX Ventures and Access Bridge Ventures lead the funding round. Algebra Ventures, Launch Africa Ventures, Cairo Angels Syndicate Fund, and Seedstars International all participated in this pre-series A round.

Orcas aims to enable digital live learning possibilities for schools and teachers in Egypt, KSA , and Pakistan, both offline and online (MENAP). Orcas’ platform allows parents to find tutors and hybrid courses via an online discovery channel.

Each learner receives individualized study plans, learning style assessments, and practice assignments as part of the hybrid learning experience, ensuring the most tailored learning experience possible while empowering instructors to deliver high-quality learning sessions.

“Learners today have different needs that edtech companies must cater to. For that reason, we have evolved into a learning platform that offers the complete spectrum of teacher-led & self-paced learning environments. With the funding, we will be able to continue to build our technology product, attract the best talent, and expand to new geographies in MENAP,” said CEO of Orcas, Hossam Taher.

“Our investment in Orcas encompasses everything we’ve built CASF for. The fund was designed to double down and invest in our best-performing startups and to continue supporting amazing founders like Hossam and Amira to build great businesses. We are very proud of Orcas’ performance so far and we are confident that with this latest investment they will continue to be market leaders within the space and will now be able to add more exciting educational solutions using cutting edge technology and to bring these products to new markets,” said Aly El Shalakany, CEO of the Cairo Angels Syndicate Fund. 

Orcas, co-founded by Hossam Taher and Amira El Gharib in 2019, offers live one-on-one tutoring sessions to K-12 students, both online and in person. To supplement the learning experience, it also offers self-paced learning environments.

Tutors not only provide study assistance, but they also conduct learning type tests to establish the ideal techniques for each student. These are then utilized to build customised learning plans for the full academic year that are suited to the students’ needs.

To complement the learning experience, the platform also offers self-paced learning environments. This is done through gamified and free question banks that are linked to specific topics.

Various learning systems and ages of students All users get free access to Orcas Education Department’s high-quality academic exercises.

Orcas’ question banks have been accepted by numerous schools and teachers as a sort of auto-graded and trustworthy homework source since the feature was launched in early November 2021.